Step father raped the girl: While telling good touch-bad touch in school, the innocent told the story of sexual abuse to the teacher, then the case was registered

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  • While Telling Good Touch bad Touch In School, The Innocent Told The Story Of Sexual Abuse To The Teacher, Then The Case Was Registered

New Delhi2 hours ago

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A local court in Hyderabad has sentenced a father to 20 years in prison for raping a stepdaughter. The girl’s uncle has also been sentenced to three years. Along with this, a fine of five thousand rupees has also been imposed on both of them. After the hearing in the 10th AMSJ Court, Judge Kavita convicted both of them and announced the sentence. The stepfather and uncle both sexually assaulted the girl. This case is from 2017, in which the punishment has been done now.

Secrets revealed in the school’s sexual assault awareness program

The girl was 13 years old when her stepfather and uncle raped her. One day when the girl reached the school after sexual harassment, there was an abuse awareness program going on. When the school program was being told about good touch and bad touch, the girl realized that something wrong was happening to her. The girl then told her teacher about the incident that happened to her. The teacher complained to the police. Then the matter opened.

When mother was out of the house, father used to rape

In the year 2017, after the death of the father, the victim’s mother had remarried. After marriage, the girl came to her new home with her mother. Whenever the mother was out of the house, the stepfather used to rape the child. At the same time, the step-uncle of the girl also took her to his house and used to do wrong things with her.

Daughter becomes mother of stepfather’s child in Mohali

In the year 2019, in a similar case, a Mohali court had sentenced the stepfather to life imprisonment. Actually a mechanic raped his 11-year-old minor step-daughter, after which she became pregnant. The matter reached the court. The DNA of the accused father was matched with that of the victim’s child. The charges were proved after a DNA match and the stepfather was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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