Morning News Brief: Uddhav ready to resign, Pawar’s advice – make Shinde the CM; Assam tea sold for Rs 1 lakh per kg

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2 hours agoWriter: Ajit Panwar, News Brief Editor

Hello, the time has come for the Uddhav government in Maharashtra. Uddhav himself has indicated this. First he talked about resigning, then left the CM house and went to his home Matoshree. The number of MLAs is increasing in the court of his rebel minister Eknath Shinde sitting in Guwahati. Another MLA is in controversy these days. He is the leader of JD(S) party of Karnataka. Went to a college. There the principal got angry and slapped him. The principal did not lodge a complaint, but said that I have faith in God.

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First of all today’s major events, which will be seen

  1. Sonia Gandhi will not be questioned in the National Herald case today. He had written a letter to the ED seeking extension of the interrogation time. The investigating agency accepted his point.
  2. By-elections will be held for Lok Sabha seats in Rampur-Azamgarh in UP and Sangrur in Punjab.
  3. PM Modi will launch a development portal to give information related to India’s foreign trade.

5 big news that will keep you updated
1. Uddhav said – I will resign if MLA says, left CM house with family

Uddhav Thackeray, weakened by the rebellion of his MLAs, said that he is ready to resign. In the 18-minute Facebook live, he said that do not betray the party, if there is any problem then come and tell me. If MLAs speak to me, I will leave the chair. After this, at around 10 pm, he left the CM House with the family. Taking the goods from here, he went to his home Matoshree.
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2. 4 more MLAs from Maharashtra join Shinde in Guwahati, claims support of 46 MLAs
Minister Eknath Shinde, who rebelled against Shiv Sena, claimed to be with 46 MLAs. There are also two cabinet ministers among them. Shinde has sent a letter supporting 34 MLAs to the Governor. On Tuesday evening, 4 more MLAs reached Guwahati to meet him. Of these, two are from Shiv Sena and two are independents. On the other hand, Sharad Pawar has advised Uddhav Thackeray to make Shinde the Chief Minister.
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3. Sonia Gandhi to appear before ED today, sought time due to health
Sonia Gandhi to appear before ED today in National Herald case. However, due to ill health, he has sought more time. Party leader Jairam Ramesh told on social media that Sonia Gandhi has been advised rest by doctors. Therefore, a letter has been written to the ED, demanding that the date of her interrogation be extended till she is completely cured.
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4. MLA slaps college principal, gritty after video surfaced

In Karnataka, a JDS MLA slapped the college principal in front of the staff. Mandya MLA M. Srinivas had gone to take stock of ITI College. He asked the principal about the work of the lab. It is said that the MLA got angry when the principal could not answer the questions. The matter came to light after its video surfaced. The principal has not filed a complaint.
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5. Earthquake shakes Afghanistan, more than a thousand killed, 1,500 injured
A strong earthquake that struck Afghanistan at around 1.30 pm on Monday destroyed many villages. It has caused more than a thousand deaths. More than 1,500 are injured. The epicenter of the earthquake was 40 km from Khost city in Afghanistan. Its intensity was 6.1. Its tremors were also felt in many cities of Pakistan including Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore. Here is the news of the death of a person.
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Some important news in the headline…

  1. Shiv Sena MLA Deshmukh reached Nagpur after fleeing Surat, said – forced injection to make me unconscious (read full news)
  2. In Ayodhya, Ram’s wife was beaten up for kissing while bathing in Paidi, people said – such an act will not work here (read full news)
  3. Sri Lanka got 43 out of 50 overs from spinners, won the series against Australia at home after 30 years (read full news)
  4. Assam’s Pabhojan Gold Tea sold for Rs 1 lakh a kg, China’s Da Hong Pao Tea costs Rs 9 crore (read full news)

News but something different…
Operation Lotus ran in 7 states in 6 years, BJP specializes in grabbing power without winning

In Maharashtra, Shiv Sena minister Eknath Shinde has rebelled with full planning. Earlier 25 MLAs were with him, which later became 46. Due to this, Operation Lotus again came into the limelight. ‘Operation Lotus’ is a coined term for the BJP’s strategy, in which the party tries to form the government despite the lack of seats. In 6 years, the party ran Operation Lotus in 7 states. Out of this, got success 4 times, had to be defeated 3 times. When, where, what happened, read In this news…

Most read news…

The photo which is news in itself…

On Tuesday at Miami International Airport in America Aircraft fire after landing It took There were 126 people on the plane at the time of the accident. Three of them sustained minor injuries. The landing gear of the plane is said to have broken off. The plane then collided with a crane tower at the airport.

what happened today in history
On this day in 1985, there was a blast in Air India’s aircraft ‘Kanishk’. This plane was coming from Toronto to Mumbai. It had to stop at London and Delhi on the way. The plane exploded over the Atlantic Ocean 45 minutes before landing in London. All 329 people on board died. Of these, 268 were citizens of Canada, 27 from England, 10 from America and 2 from India. All 22 Indians in the crew were also killed. Out of these, the bodies of only 132 people could be pulled out from the sea. The militant Sikh organization Babbar Khalsa was believed to be involved in this attack.

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