Sonnalli Seygall Shares How to Eat Everything And Still Have Abs

To achieve their fitness goals, people often avoid eating their favourite food items. And those fond of fast food or desserts eventually ends up choosing food over health. But not Sonnalli Seygall. She knows how to be a foodie as well as a fitness enthusiast. The actress enlightened her viewers on balancing everything, enjoying their favourite food, and reaching their fitness goals together. She shared an Instagram post with the caption, “What if someone told you that you could have both?”

The actress suggested some tips to eat everything you like without worrying about your health and fitness.

Sonnalli Seygall asked her fans to eat food items rich in fibre. “Protein is the key,” she added. “Limiting or preferably completely avoiding junk food,” Sonnalli talked about the negative health impact of consuming junk or processed foods.

After enjoying your food, don’t forget to burn out the excess calories by working out. Doing work out regularly is a must to have a fit body. “Working out regularly. Consistency over craziness.” She highlighted that being consistent towards your workout is essential and works effectively in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

“Have early dinners,” Sonnalli suggested, concurring with the experts’ advice on eating the last meal 3-4 hours before bed.

People often starve themselves to have a flat stomach, but Sonnalli suggested the opposite. She wrote, “Eat when you want and how much you want. Listen to your body. Don’t overeat. Don’t undereat.”

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Along with a good fitness journey, it’s also important to focus on gut health. Sonnalli suggested, “Keeping your gut health in check. Number 1 cause of bloating and weight gain.”

In a similar post shared by Sonnalli Seygall, she shared 10 things to stay fit from the workout. She captioned the post, “If you do even 5 out of 10, you are on the right track.” These include inversions, hydration, consuming plant-based milk instead of regular milk and eating greens.

So, which of these suggestions will you add to your lifestyle?

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