Who Is IAS Officer Niyaz Khan, The Pro-Brahmin Officer Who Wants Muslims To Go Vegetarian?

Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer, Niyaz Khan, who is known for his literary work is making headlines for his recent take on religious conversions in India. The IAS officer from the Madhya Pradesh cadre claimed that Bollywood is responsible for the religious conversions in India. “,” the IAS officer was quoted by news agency ANI as saying.

Khan also put up a tweet with a set of advice on the issue of conversions. Taking to Twitter, he urged the Muslim brothers to look after cows and adopt vegetarianism. He said that they should not force non-Muslims to convert to Islam. He has posted several tweets on the issue.

Who is IAS officer Niyaz Khan?

Niyaz Khan is an IAS officer of Madhya Pradesh cadre. He thinks that many organisations have tarnished the reputation of Islam with their bad image. Niyaz Khan has penned more than half a dozen books so far. He has also written a book on Abu Salem. He appears to be quite influenced by Brahmins. He also faced trouble last year due to his remark on the Kashmir Files film.

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Niyaz Khan had previously tweeted about his surname. In 2019, he wrote in his tweet that having Khan with his name caused him a lot of trouble during his service and his surname is haunting him like a ghost. Niyaz Khan also gave his opinion on the hijab controversy and wrote that the hijab safeguards our life and also shields us from pollution.

Khan’s Admiration Of Brahmins

Niyaz Khan has published eight novels so far. His latest book ‘Brahmin the Great’ has created a lot of buzz. In his book, he has written that Brahmins have a super brain. He said that if Brahmins are given intellectual leadership in every field, if they are made advisers then things can improve within the country. A revolutionary change may be coming.

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In one of his recent tweets, Khan said that he is not biased towards Brahmins but hails them for their abilities and merits.

Earlier, Niyaz Khan put up a controversial tweet at the time of the release of the film ‘The Kashmir Files’. After this, the government issued a show cause notice to him.