M3M promoter Roop Bansal arrested: ED action in money laundering case in Gurugram; 4 crores made 400 crores

Gurugram2 minutes ago

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Roop Kumar Bansal.

The Enforcement Department (ED) arrested Roop Kumar Bansal, the promoter of M3M, on Friday from Gurgaon in Haryana. He faces serious charges of cheating investors and flat buyers and money laundering. After the arrest, ED took Roop Kumar Bansal with them to Panchkula. He will be questioned in the whole matter.

Let us inform that earlier ED had raided 7 places in Delhi and Gurugram in IREO and M3M case. The raids were carried out in connection with a case of cheating investors and flat buyers of their invested money. In this, the agency seized 17 expensive vehicles including Lumber Guinea, Land Rover, Rolls Royal, Bentley, Mercedes Benz. Apart from this, jewelery worth Rs 5.75 crore and Rs 15 lakh in cash were also seized.

400 crore game done

The ED initiated the investigation by registering a money laundering case against IREO and M3M Group on the basis of cases registered in Gurugram. In the investigation, the agency came to know that M3M Group sold the development rights of land worth 4 crores to 5 shell companies in Gurugram for 10 crores. But it is surprising that these 5 companies sold the development rights of land worth 4 crores to IREO Group for 400 crores i.e. 400 times more.

It has been told that after receiving 400 crores from IREO Group, these five companies transferred this money to M3M Group through other fake companies. Means just to show that these companies have no connection with M3M. While M3M also claimed that it has no relation with these five companies.

These companies belong to the Bansal family.

Investigation revealed that these five fake companies are managed by M3M directors Basant Bansal and Roop Kumar Bansal. IREO Group also showed this 400 crore as expenditure in the name of development in its accounts. Investigation also revealed that M3M Group used this 400 crores to invest elsewhere, settle its accounts and clear dues.

IREO Group’s Lalit Jail

On the other hand, IREO Group, which bought land worth 4 crores for 400 crores, did not do any kind of development nor tried. In this case, ED also arrested IREO Group director Lalit Goyal in November 2021, who is currently lodged in jail.

With Judge Sudhir Parmar

BJP leader Sundhashu Mittal, along with Lalit Goyal’s wife, met ED cases judge Sudhir Parmar regarding this matter and talked about giving relief. Sudhanshu Mittal is a relative of Lalit Goyal. When the agency came to know that the accused are trying to take the judge in their favor somewhere, then after that they investigated and raided.

On 17 April 2023, the Haryana Anti-Corruption Branch registered a case against Judge Sudhir Parmar and M3M director Roop Kumar Bansal and other accused. It is written in the registered case that the director of M3M also tried to take advantage of the cases going on in ED by favoring Judge Sudhir Parmar, in return for which it was decided to give 5 to 7 crores.

The matter of giving 5 crores on behalf of IREO Group has also been written in this FIR. This money was taken through Sudhir Parmar’s nephew Ajay Parmar, who was kept as a legal advisor in M3M only on the behest of Judge Sudhir Parmar.

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