Weight Loss on Your Mind? Follow These Steps to Leave Behind your Unhealthy Eating Habits

Each and everyone’s wish list contains one common point and that is weight loss. But despite leaving no stones unturned and trying everything possible, losing weight can seem like an impossible task. Undeniably, we try very hard to achieve the health and fitness goals set by us, but without knowing, we are attempting a few mistakes that are causing hindrance to the whole process. And in reality, these mistakes are solely related to unhealthy eating habits, which we have been ignoring for a quite long time now. Moreover, to attain our fitness target, we need to recognise and quit these habits.

Nutritionist Bhakti Kapoor is also creating awareness regarding the same, and while posting a picture, she said that before tackling the unhealthy habits we need to ‘necessitate a two-pronged approach’. She wrote in the caption, “Tackling unhealthy eating habits necessitates a two-pronged approach: Recognizing the bad habits you want to break. Trying to figure out why these habits exist.” This is not all, the nutritionist went on to inform about the six steps, using which you can ‘break old unhealthy habits and replace them with healthier ones.’ Those steps are:

Step 1: Take small steps

Step 2: Develop mindfulness

Step 3: Create a plan; be specific

Step 4: Set a new mini-goal each week

Step 5: Maintain a realistic perspective

Step 6: Exercise stress management

Let’s take a look at some eating habits that you need to kick out of your daily routine in order to accomplish your fitness goals and weight loss aspirations.

Eating your meal in a hurry can lead to weight gain and also result in some indigestion problems while eating slowly, as you chew down your food, can increase fullness and promote weight loss. It also has innumerable other health benefits.

  • Drinking water during meals

It has always been suggested to drink water before your meal as it kills your appetite and stops you from overeating, maximising the weight loss results. And if you drink water in between your meal then it is believed to cause acidity because the water in the middle of the meals absorbs the gastric juices and slow down the process of digestion.

Our busy work life can often force us to skip meals. But we must never do that, as after skipping a meal we become extremely hungry for the next meal and tend to overeat, which is one of the major factors why you aren’t unable to achieve your fitness goals.

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