VIDEO of thrashing the principal’s female teacher: When she reached 10 minutes late, she put absinthe in the register, if she protested, then 5 shoes hit her head.

lakhimpur-kheri6 minutes ago

In Lakhimpur Kheri, the principal of a primary school beat up his school teacher with shoes. The principal hit 5 shoes on the teacher’s head. The teacher’s fault was that she was 10 minutes late in coming to school. Angry over this, the principal first abused the teacher, then started beating him.

In this case, Basic Education Officer Laxmikant Pandey has suspended Principal Ajit Kumar. On the other hand, Inspector Pramod Kumar Mishra of Kheri said that both the principal and the teacher have been brought to the police station. No one has filed any complaint yet. If a complaint is received, a case will be registered.

children stood watching

The video of the incident has also surfaced. It can be seen that Principal Ajit Kumar is first abusing Shikshamitra Seema Devi. When she opposes this, Ajit starts hitting Seema with his shoes. Other teachers standing nearby stop them, but even after that they do not stop. Shikshamitra Seema Devi also attacks them in defense. The children standing there were also watching this fight going on between the teacher and the principal.

Absent was put in the register

In this case, Seema Devi told that the light was not coming in her house since Friday morning. Because of this, he got delayed in leaving the house. When she reached the school, the attendance register was absent. When I asked the principal to remove the absent, he started hitting me. The incident is of Mamu Kheda, a primary school in the block area. Seema teaches children up to class 5 in the school.

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