This Techie Resigned From Infosys And Started Business With Investment Of Rs 20,000; Now Owner Of Over Rs 100 Crore Company

New Delhi: Burgers are super popular in India, especially with big names like McDonald’s and Burger King. An Indian homegrown brand changed this trend by introducing grilled burgers giving tough competition to these big names.

Biraja Rout embarked on a goal to launch authentic grilled burgers for Indian consumers starting from scratch, he turned this idea into a QSR company that is worth more than 100 Crore. (Also Read: Claiming Mediclaim Benefits To Be Easy Soon As Govt Planning To Take THIS Big Step)

After shifting to Bangalore, Rout started working as an IT professional and he tried his first burger at 21 which changed his life forever. (Also Read: All About Hukumchand Saga: How MP Government Resolved This?)

To Biraja, a burger wasn’t just a snack but a complete meal that satisfied his hunger. Later on, he realised that there was no Indian home-grown brand that was famous for its burgers.

He noticed the absence of popular Indian burger brands, and only foreign brands like McDonald’s and KFC ruled the burger landscape. He left his Infosys job to kickstart this new exciting business which he always dreamt of and named as Biggies Burger.

Biraja learned to make burgers by watching YouTube tutorials, after switching from a techie to a foodpreneur. He opened a small burger kiosk in Bengaluru near the Infosys office with a modest investment of Rs 20,000. It gained popularity and the kiosk evolved into a full-fledged store.

Growth And Success

Driven by passion and determination, Biggies Burger slowly grew to be the biggest and most cherished Indian burger brand, making Rs 100 crore in 2023. To spread his business Biraja’s next goal is to take Biggies Burger to tier 2 and tier 3 cities and hopefully take it to a 200 crore revenue company. Thanks to his strong passion and determination, Biggies Burger has grown to 130 stores in 28 cities and 14 states, selling over 50 lakh burgers so far.

Regarding the product’s unique selling point, Biraja claimed that Biggies Burger takes pride in creating burgers that satisfy Indian palates while upholding global standards of flavor and quality.

Biraja Rout’s path in the food industry sets a remarkable example for those aspiring to venture into the world of food entrepreneurship, proving that dreams fueled by determination can indeed become a reality. His story showcases that with dedication and persistence, even starting from a small budget, one can build a successful business.