These OnePlus Phones Have Got Android 14 Update: Check List – News18

Last Updated: December 06, 2023, 08:30 IST

OnePlus has offered the new OxygenOS 14 version to these phones

OnePlus announced the Android 14-based OxygenOS 14 version earlier and now more phones are getting the update.

OnePlus has been one of the more proactive brands this year, offering the new Android 14 update faster than most mobile companies. Generally, you see brands focus on the new updates for the latest models, but OnePlus feels that all its users deserve to experience the latest Android version which bodes well for the people buying OnePlus phones.

OnePlus launched its first foldable OnePlus Open recently, and before that you had the OnePlus 11 flagship phone launched earlier this year. There are some intriguing devices that have already got the OxygenOS 14 version and here’s the list of OnePlus phones that have got Android 14 this year.

OnePlus Phones That Have Got Android 14 Update in 2023

– OnePlus 11

– OnePlus 10 Pro

– OnePlus 11R

– OnePlus 10T

As you can see from the list, OnePlus has covered the recent phones and offered the new OxygenOS 14 version for users in India. The update process has been gradual so it might take a few days before you see the software update alert pop up on your phone’s screen. We’re hoping that OnePlus Open foldable joins the list in the coming weeks, which is the least people can expect for a device that costs around Rs 1.40 lakh in the market.

As for the new Android 14-based OxygenOS version, it comes with upgraded Aquamorphic Design, Pantanal Service for interactive Fluid Cloud, and more. The update also has a Cross-device support that allows users to quickly check the connection status of their devices.

The update also includes Aquamorphic-themed ringtones, a new File Dock for easy content transfer between apps and devices, and features like Content Extraction for recognizing and extracting text and images.

The Smart Cut Out feature separates subjects in photos for copying or sharing. The update improves system stability and introduces a carbon tracking Always-On Display that indicates how more steps can lead to less carbon emissions.

The OnePlus 12 has made its debut in China this week and already gets the Android 14-based software out of the box. The phone is launching globally in January, which could bring the OxygenOS 14 version to buyers from day one.