‘Sometimes we politicise everything, but this is a matter of humanity’: Jaishankar after meeting Afghan Sikhs

Image Source : PTI S Jaishankar while meeting people from Sikh community in New Delhi

Delhi: A year after hundreds of Sikhs were repatriated from the war-ravaged nation- Afghanistan, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, assured them to get full assistance from the Indian government– whether in getting citizenship or proper schooling for children. Notably, the Indian government had launched an operation to bring back Indians stuck in the middle of the war after the extremist Taliban militants overthrow the democratically elected government and took over the regime.

Earlier last year, several Sikhs who were struck in Kabul and adjoining regions following violent attacks on Gurudwara were rescued. However, Jaishanakar acknowledged that they have been facing several issues including passport and citizenship.

“I wanted to meet the Sikhs who have come to India from Afghanistan and understand their issues. They have some problems regarding visas and citizenship. We will address the issues that they have discussed with us,” he said after meeting community people in the national capital.

“Some people are still waiting to get their citizenship. We will provide all possible help regarding citizenship and visas. It is our responsibility to help them out,” he added.

Please, do not politics everything: Jaishanakr

Further, when asked about opposition parties criticising some of the steps taken by the government, the minister urged parties not to politicise the matter as the issue is totally based on “humanity”.

“Because of that law (Citizenship Amendment Act), these people had faith that we would come. What would have happened to these people if that law had not been there? Sometimes we politicise everything, this is not a matter of politics but a matter of humanity. Who could have left these people in that situation?” he stressed.

India-Afganistan engagement

In a separate press conference, Jaishankar said that India has sent back a technical team to its Embassy in Afghanistan and their job is essentially to monitor the situation and to see how New Delhi can support the Afghan people. He said the focus right now in Afghanistan is less political and it is more on helping the Afghan people and noted that there has been a “historical connect” with them. His remarks came in response of India’s engagement with Kabul.

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