On Weekend With Ramesh, Karnataka Dy CM DK Shivakumar Talks About Family And Time In Jail

DK Shivakumar openly recognised the many obstacles he encountered.

Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka DK Shivakumar graced the show and expressed heartfelt words of affection for his family.

The popular show Weekend With Ramesh, airing on Zee Kannada has gained immense popularity and recognition among the audience. In its recent episode, Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, DK Shivakumar expressed heartfelt words of affection for his spouse and children.

During his appearance on the show, DK Shivakumar got emotional. He expressed gratitude towards his wife, Usha, for blessing him with three loving children. He gracefully acknowledged his wife’s role in imparting their children with quality education and instilling strong cultural values in them. He further expressed his pride in his children and acknowledged the support and opportunities he has received from his father.

His daughter, Aishwarya, credited her father’s support for her career as an educationalist. DK Shivakumar conveyed profound gratitude for the sacrifices made by his family and became emotional when he saw his wife and daughter. While sitting in the Sadhaka’s chair, DK Shivakumar reminisced about his school days and revealed that he had decided to pursue a career in politics during his 6th or 7th grade.

DK Shivakumar further said that his family was deeply affected by the rumours of corruption, bribery, and his imprisonment. He emphasised that his children’s future should not be targeted and that he has not engaged in any dishonesty or injustice.

In the program, DK Shivakumar openly recognised the many obstacles he encountered and showed his appreciation for the individuals who stood by him during those tough times. He became emotional while reflecting on the challenges he had encountered during the show.

DK Shivakumar’s mother Gouramma, wife Usha, and children Aishwarya and Akash were in attendance at the event. Some close friends of DK Shivakumar were also present at the gathering. At the event, Aishwarya spoke highly of her father and portrayed him as her hero. His family also told that despite his tough demeanour, as perceived by many, DK Shivakumar is quite emotional and cares deeply when it comes to his family.

Currently serving as the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka, DK Shivakumar began his political career as a student in the early 1980s and achieved his first electoral success in 1989 when he won the election for the Sathanur constituency in the Mysuru district and became a member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.