Rahul’s T-shirt worth 41 thousand: Congress teased 10 lakh suit on BJP’s comment; 3 theories on the death of Cyrus

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10 minutes agoWriter: Shubhendu Pratap Bhumandal, News Brief Editor

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In Congress’s ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, his T-shirt was more in discussion than Rahul Gandhi’s program. BJP put a photo of a T-shirt with Rahul’s photo on social media. In this, the price of this T-shirt was shown to be 41 thousand rupees. BJP wrote- Look at India 41 thousand t-shirt.

On the other hand, the third theory has come to the fore regarding the road accident of former Tata Group chairman Cyrus Mistry. After investigation, the Mercedes company said that the car was two and a half times faster than the speed on the bridge. Earlier, the forensic team of IIT Kharagpur had blamed the fault in the design of the bridge on the highway and the Palghar police had attributed the accident to a mistake in the driver’s judgment.

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First of all today’s major events, which will be seen

  1. PM Modi will virtually inaugurate the two-day Centre-State Science Conclave in Ahmedabad.
  2. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar will go on a two-day visit to Saudi Arabia. Will review bilateral agreements.

5 big news that will keep you updated

1. BJP’s comment on Rahul’s t-shirt, Congress’s answer – it will talk till the glasses of 1.5 lakhs

BJP targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. The BJP claimed that during the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, Rahul was wearing a T-shirt worth 41 thousand. The BJP also showed the price tag of the T-shirt maker in its tweet. In response to this, the Congress said that the BJP has been terrified by the crowd gathered in the yatra. If you want to speak, then speak on unemployment and inflation. If we have to discuss the rest of the clothes, then Modi ji’s suit of 10 lakhs and glasses of 1.5 lakhs will go to the talk.
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2. Brahmastra leaked 3 hours after its release, piracy did not stop even after blocking 18 websites
Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer Brahmastra leaked online just 3 hours after its release. Made in a budget of 410 crores, this film was uploaded in HD quality on many piracy sites. It is believed that due to the leak, its earnings can be affected badly. A few days ago, the makers of the film filed a petition in the Delhi High Court against online piracy sites. After this the court had banned 18 sites.
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3. In Sonali Phogat case, bulldozers run on Curleys Club, Supreme Court’s stand on action
BJP leader Sonali Phogat was killed on August 23 at Curley’s Club in Goa. Sonali’s PA Sudhir had given her drugs during the party before her death. The Goa government began to demolish the club for violating the rules. For now, the Supreme Court has stayed the club’s demolition. At the same time, the Goa administration said that the Supreme Court has banned only one part of the club. The court has put a stay on the condition that now there will be no commercial activity in the club.
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4. Cyrus’ Mercedes collided with a bridge at 89 KMPH, braked 5 seconds before the accident
New information has come out about the road accident of former Tata Group chairman Cyrus Mistry. The Mercedes company has told after investigation that just before the accident, Cyrus’s car was running at a speed of 100 KMPH. Doctor Anayata Pandole applied the brakes 5 seconds before the car hit. Due to this the speed of the car came down to 89 KMPH. For a detailed examination of the car, an expert team of Mercedes will come from Hong Kong, which will submit its report on 12 September.
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5. Traditions related to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral will last for 12 days, one day mourning in India

Students of an art school in Mumbai made a portrait to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth.

Students of an art school in Mumbai made a portrait to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth.

The Government of India has declared a day of mourning on September 11 on the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain. The Queen’s funeral will take place on 19 September at Westminster Abbey in London. The rituals related to the funeral will last for 12 days. Under these traditions, the 96-year-old queen was given a gun salute with a firing of 96 rounds. Just before the funeral, the Queen’s body will be kept at Westminster Hall for four days so that the general public can pay homage to her. King Charles will be officially made Britain’s new monarch at St James’s Palace in London today.
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Some important news in the headline…

  1. BJP in-charge of 15 states fixed before Lok Sabha elections: Two former CMs and two Union ministers got the responsibility, in-charge of MP-Rajasthan did not change (read full news)
  2. Relief to Nupur Sharma from the Supreme Court: Refusal to consider the petition seeking arrest, told the petitioner – take it back (read full news)
  3. Security lapse of Assam CM: Attempts to snatch mike from Himanta in Hyderabad (read full news)
  4. America’s clarification on the gift given to PAK: American diplomat said – it is selling spare parts of F-16 fighter jet, not helping (Read full news)
  5. Lack of funds in Kejriwal government colleges: 30 thousand and 50 thousand rupees from the salary of assistant and associate professors. deduction of (Read full news)

News but something different…

21 kg laddus sold for 24 lakhs, 9 people had bid, ‘Golden Laddu’ auction is being held for 29 years
In Telangana, a 21 kg laddu was sold for Rs 24 lakh on Anant Chaturdashi. For 29 years, Ganesh ji’s laddus are auctioned in Balapur, Hyderabad. 9 people bid to buy the famous laddu of Balapur. Last year this laddu was bought for Rs 18.9 lakh. This auction is organized by Balapur Ganesh Utsav Samiti. It is an important part of the 10-day long Ganesh Chaturthi festival in Telangana. Read full news…

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The photo which is news in itself…

With the end of Ganeshotsav, in different states of the country Bappa’s idol immersion Happened. Ganeshotsav was celebrated with pomp in Maharashtra too. Devotees were seen carrying an idol of Lord Ganesha for immersion in the Arabian Sea at Girgaum Chowpatty in Mumbai. This festival has a different significance in Maharashtra. Since the arrival of Bappa here, there is happiness in every city, every house, as well as there is a huge crowd in the whole state.

​​​​​​​what happened today in history
On this day in 1976, an Indian Airlines plane took off from Delhi’s Palam Airport for Mumbai. This plane with 66 passengers was to reach Mumbai via Jaipur and Aurangabad. In the middle of the way, two Kashmiri youths hijacked the plane and forced it to be taken to Libya. They wanted to draw the attention of the world to the issue of Azad Kashmir. The pilots pretended to be low on fuel and took it to Lahore. It was here that the Pakistani authorities gave food mixed with sedation to the hijackers on the pretext of help. Both were arrested after falling unconscious. The next day i.e. on September 11, the plane returned to the country with all the passengers safely.

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