Rahul Mishra: Blending Natures Beauty With Fashion Artistry, Designer Unravels All About His Creative Process And Inspirations

Rahul Mishra has created masterpieces and has dressed celebrities from all over the globe, he was the first Indian designer to be invited to showcase his work at Haute Couture Week in Paris. During Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Center’s grand inauguration of the ‘India in Fashion’ exhibit, all eyes were on Mishra’s ethereal collection. Rahul Mishra’s creative designs have put India on the global fashion map. 

Weaving the enigmas of nature into his designs and turning fabrics into magical outfits the Delhi-based designer has bigger and more mystical creations up ahead.

In an interview with Zee News Digital, Rahul Mishra talks about his connection with nature, and his creative process while creating the most impeccable designs and much more. Read excerpts here.

Can you share how your personal connection with nature has influenced your work, and are there any specific places that have been particularly inspiring to you for this collection?

Nature, for me, isn’t confined to a specific place; it’s omnipresent. Every collection draws inspiration from our surroundings — easily overlooked elements of nature whether it’s the stars, the depths of water, or a leaf unfolding in a planter. Nature’s abundance is present in every nook and corner around us, making it a profound source of inspiration. Beyond nature, man-made forms like buildings and geometric structures have also been inspirational in my work. 

For me, my recent trip to Singapore was similarly enriching as I experienced there, a perfect mix of natural stimuli and technological prowess. Everywhere I looked, there was something unique and inspiring to discover, especially the Sensoryscape garden in Sentosa, the Arts and Science Museum in Marina Bay Sands, and also the vibrant Peranakan shophouses on Joo Chiat Street.

Before creating an outfit, what thoughts run through your mind? Can you walk us through your creative process, from the initial concept to the final creation, and how your designs evolve along the way?

Every season, we begin on a creative journey from ground zero. It’s the beauty of creating something new — no preconceived ideas, no set thought processes — but only first-hand experiences. We explore 2-3 concepts simultaneously, fleshing out the ideas until we streamline them into one powerful theme that guides our entire creative process. The challenge lies in not knowing where or how to begin. In a nutshell, the process is very organic, driven by multiple ideas but constrained by time.