WATCH: IDF destroys terror infrastructures, kills 50 Hamas terrorists in Rafah

IDF troops launched targeted raids into Rafah, aiming to destroy and disrupt terror infrastructure, according to an IDF statement on Saturday.

Soldiers from the 401st Brigade’s combat team launched raids deep into eastern Rafah.

The troops targeted terror infrastructure and buildings used by Hamas to fire on IDF troops.

About 50 Hamas fighters were eliminated in the fighting.

Dozens of tunnel shafts are being explored and mapped in preparation for their destruction.

Hundreds of pieces of terror infrastructure have been destroyed, including weapons production sites and rocket launching sites.

IDF troops operating in Rafah, May 18, 2024. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT)

Earlier Givati raids

Earlier on Saturday, the IDF announced that the Givati Brigade had killed more than 80 terrorists during operational activity in eastern Rafah over the past weeks.

Givati’s raids have located and seized numerous weapons ranging from rifles, grenades, and ammunition to heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft weapons.

Various international actors have tried to dissuade Israel from launching its invasion of Rafah due to the arrival of most of Gaza’s refugees into Rafah.