Naveen got emotional to win gold: nappies tied at the age of 3, Commonwealth Fateh at the age of 19; Navy constable from sports quota

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Naveen Kumar Malik of Sonepat, Haryana, became a household name after winning gold in the Commonwealth Games at the age of 19. He may have learned every bet of wrestling, but has not given up his innocence. Got emotional when he won gold on Saturday. When the national anthem of victory rang, at the same time the people started chanting the song.

After some time, it appeared among the crowd of spectators as if they were his own. The condition of his family was no different from his. The family members were watching the son’s live match on TV in a damp room in village Pugathala. Naveen married Pakistani wrestler Mohd. When Sharif gave Tahir a golden slap, along with the family, the people of the neighborhood also jumped and distributed sweets. Not only Naveen but this was also the first Commonwealth of Pak wrestler.

Naveen Malik was not a wrestler like Haryana’s Bajrang Punia or Ravi Dahiya as the whole world knows. After winning the gold, sports lovers searched the biography of Naveen on the internet and there was nothing about him. In fact his face was so far beyond the media and the crowd of wrestling lovers.

Havildar from sports quota in Navy

Please tell that Naveen Kumar Malik is a resident of village Pugathala in Ganaur block of Sonepat. Father Dharampal Malik is a small farmer of 3 acres. Like Naveen Malik, his elder brother Praveen Malik is also a wrestler. At present, both are on the job of constable in the Navy from sports quota. The son who grew up after the struggle and hard work of his father became Kundan. If father Dharampal Malik did not leave the field between the heat of the sun and the rain, then the son also understood this austerity of the father and never staggered from the path of his goal.

After winning the gold of Naveen, the family members make the mark of victory.

After winning the gold of Naveen, the family members make the mark of victory.

3 year old Naveen wore a nappy

Dharmapala Malik of Pugathala was fond of wrestling. The house remained trapped in the household, but the sons started to burn at a young age. With the help of the villagers of the village, Dharampal built an arena in the village. Naveen Malik wore a nappy only at the age of 3 years. His elder brother Praveen was then 9 years old. Father tells that Naveen started fighting riots at the age of 4. When Naveen and Praveen grew up a little, the expenses of wrestling increased, but then 3 acres of farming does not grow enough crops to meet the needs of the family.

Relatives watching son's match on TV sitting in a damp room of Naveen's ancestral house in village Pugathala.

Relatives watching son’s match on TV sitting in a damp room of Naveen’s ancestral house in village Pugathala.

Milk and ghee delivered every morning for 9 years

Dharampal Malik had decided that he would die only by making both the sons wrestlers. The father made many compromises with his wishes and facilities, but never backed down on the sons’ game. When the sons entered the playground, there were all kinds of disruptions including financial troubles. It was not easy for a farmer father to bear it, but he did not give up. Dharampal Malik continued to deliver milk and Dhee every morning at 5 am in the arena for 9 consecutive years. This struggle eventually led the sons to a position in sports. Every morning his journey to the arena stopped when both sons became constables in the Navy from sports quota.

Naveen Kumar started slamming his rival wrestler in the Commonwealth match.

Naveen Kumar started slamming his rival wrestler in the Commonwealth match.

74 KG Weight Category Player

Naveen Kumar did not quit wrestling even after joining the Navy. He was determined to fulfill his father’s dream. Naveen gave trials in the 74 category before the Commonwealth Games after winning junior gold, gold in under-23, silver in Mongolia. He won gold and got a Commonwealth ticket. In his very first Commonwealth game, Naveen raised the flag by taking gold.

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