Mother commits suicide with son by saying ‘Let’s swing…’, the innocent kept sleeping with the dead body all night – #INA – INA News Agancy

A heart-wrenching incident has come to light in Palamu district of Jharkhand. In this incident, a mother tried to kill her own two innocent children and also killed herself. suicide Did it However, the woman’s 10-year-old son managed to save himself. After this, he kept the bodies of his younger brother and mother on the bed, sleeping with them throughout the night. This incident is about Rangeya village of Manatu police station area, about 90 km from Palamu. According to the information, when the villagers woke up the woman in the morning and she did not wake up, people informed the police about the incident. Police reached the spot and took the dead body into custody. post mortem shipped to. At the same time, investigation is being done in the whole matter.

According to the information, Shanti was angry with her husband’s second marriage. Due to the second marriage, there used to be daily quarrels in the house. She was fed up with this. In the recent past, his sister-in-law had spent some time in this house. Which she could not tolerate. He was getting angry every now and then and there was blood on his head. What were her intentions, for this maybe she will go beyond limits. On Saturday night, after feeding both her children, Shanti herself started preparing. She prepared a rope from her sari and said to her two children – come swing, the children also came with her, after which she committed suicide along with her two children.

Innocent kept sleeping with dead bodies of mother and brother

Distressed by the daily quarrels with her husband, the dreadful step of the mother changed the fate of their children as well. In this suicidal step of the woman, the mother died and her 8-year-old son died. While the 10-year-old son (Chhotu) somehow saved his life. By the time he could do anything, both had died. Mother’s affection and younger brother’s affection was such that Chhotu very gently and carefully kept the bodies of both of them on the bed and kept the younger brother’s dead body in his lap and kept sleeping on the same bed throughout the night. On Sunday morning, Chhotu informed the neighbors about the whole incident.

Actually, the whole matter is of Rangeya of Manatu police station area of ​​Palamu. On getting the information about the suicide of the mother and son, the police took the bodies of the mother and son into custody and sent them to MMCH for postmortem. According to information, a woman named Shanti Devi, a resident of Rangeya, hanged herself in her house along with 10-year-old son Chhotu and 8-year-old son Kunal. In this incident, the elder son Chhotu Kumar managed to save himself. After saving himself, he could do something for his mother and younger brother, by then both had died. After the death of younger brother Kunal, Chhotu slept whole night with him in his lap.

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