‘Liquor Like God, Invisible but Omnipresent’: Union Min Giriraj Singh Slams Nitish Govt Over Toxic Liquor Deaths in ‘Dry’ Bihar

Taking a swipe at Nitish Kumar-led Bihar government, BJP leader Giriraj Singh on Sunday reiterated RJD MLC Rambali Singh Chandrabanshi’s stance on liquor consumption in the dry state. Singh said the use of liquor is like God in Bihar, one that is not visible but is omnipresent. RJD leader and MLC Chandravanshi had sparked a row by quipping how liquor is like God in Bihar.

“Liquor is like God in Bihar. Just how God is not visible but is omnipresent, liquor might not be visible in the state, but many people are dying through consumption of spurious liquor,” Giriraj Singh said on Sunday.

Earlier today, RJD MLC Chandravanshi had also made the same analogy, when he said, “In Bihar, liquor is like God, which cannot be seen anywhere but is available everywhere.” He was commenting on the recovery of an empty alcohol bottle in a rally addressed by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar.

“Nitish Kumar should introspect and analyze why are his own people losing trust in him. He must rethink liquor policies in Bihar, because there is no day or month, when people are not dying through consumption of toxic liquor in Bihar,” Giriraj Singh further said.

On Saturday, at least three people died in Bihar’s Vaishali district reportedly after consuming liquor, which is banned in the state since 2016, an India Today report said.

Earlier on Thursday, five prisoners and two police officers were arrested for being caught while enjoying a liquor party inside an excise police station in Paliganj.

RJD MLC Chandravanshi however said liquor ban can not be raised as an issue since people die due to other reasons as well. “People dying or living is not a big issue,” he said on Sunday.

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