‘Kantara Nothing Like Tumbbad’: Anand Gandhi Slams Rishab Shetty Film, Vasan Bala Reacts Strongly

Kantara has failed to impress Tumbbad producer and creative director Anand Gandhi. The filmmaker took to Twitter and sparked a debate with his controversial opinion about the Rishab Shetty starrer. “Kantara is nothing like Tumbbad. My idea behind Tumbbad was to use the horror as an allegory of toxic masculinity and parochialism. Kantara is a celebration of these,” he said. The tweet drew strong reactions from many, including Vasan Bala.

The statement left Twitter divided. While many backed the Kannada film, a section of the social media platform sided with Tummbad. “Kantara depicts the journey from debauchery to enlightenment, the nativism playing an enabling role. Tumbbad is the exact opposite- a glorification of debauchery and stereotyping of the natives. You’re right – Kantara is nothing like Tumbbad,” a Twitter user tweeted.

The filmmaker replied, “Your perspective is making me think. Thank you for sharing it.” Another user argued, “So what is wrong with masculinity?” To which the director replied, “Nothing wrong with masculinity. When violence, predation, and bullying are privileged as the celebratory aspects of masculinity or for that matter humanity, that cognisance is necessary.”

However, director Vasan Bala was not only with Anand calling Tumbbad his idea. Reacting to his tweet, the Monica O My Darling director reminded him that it was Rahi Anil Barve’s idea. “Tumbbad was Rahi’s idea…that apart haan point taken,” he tweeted.

When a fan said that he wasn’t aware there was a ‘beef’ between Vasan and Anand, the filmmaker replied, “No Beef as such.”

Kantara has been praised by many around the country. The Rishab Shetty starrer not only won over fans in Karnataka but also brought audiences to the theatres in non-Kannada-speaking states, collecting over Rs 400 crore. Whereas Tumbbad was released in 2018 and did not get its due at the box office but is praised by those who eventually watched it.

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