Four occasions… When I felt Shaista would surrender: went to the police station but the police did not catch her; Searched by drone at Assad’s funeral, likely to be in Prayagraj

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42 days have passed since the murder of mafia Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf, who were accused in the Umesh Pal murder case. Thursday was the fortieth of both. The administration expected that Shaista and Asraf’s wife Zainab would come to read Fatiha but she did not come. This was not the first time, even before this there were 3 such occasions when it seemed that Shaista would surrender before the police, but every time she proved false to the police’s expectations.

Today we will know only those four occasions when the situation was such that Shaista would surrender. We will also know what would have been the reason for Shaista not surrendering, we will also know about the current STF investigation. First of all see Atiq’s family.

Shaista herself went to the police station but the police did not catch her.
Umesh Pal was murdered in Dhumanganj of Prayagraj on the evening of 24 February. The killers fled. The police picked up both the minor sons of Atiq. Shaista reached Dhoomanganj police station for her sons. Till then Shaista’s name was not involved in this murder, so the police did not catch him.

After some time she came back from the police station. This was the first and last time Shaista and the police came face to face. After this about 100 days have passed but till date the police could not find Shaista Parveen. Every time he was asked to surrender.

Atiq-Ashraf’s name was in the murder case. The police brought Atiq from Gujarat and Ashraf from Bareilly and produced them in the Prayagraj court on March 28. At that time it was believed that Shaista Parveen would come to meet her husband. The preparations of the police were also such that if Shaista comes, she will be caught. Women constables were deployed. But Shaista did not come.

  • On April 13, Atiq was again brought to Prayagraj. Then it was assumed that when Shaista did not surrender in the first instance, she would not come forward this time also.

Shaista did not come to see her son for the last time
On April 13, the hearing of the Atiq-Ashraf case was going on in the court. At around 1 o’clock in the day, the news came that the police had an encounter between Asad and Ghulam in Jhansi. Atiq and Ashraf were shocked on hearing this news. For the first time, the crying photo of Atiq came to the fore.

Police sent the dead body to the postmortem house. The dead body remained there till 14 April. On the morning of 15th, the dead body reached Kareli of Atik’s village. The last rites were to be held at the Kasari-Masari cemetery. Discussion started on TV that Shaista would definitely come to see her son for the last time. But she didn’t come.

Asad’s last rites were being performed, many women were standing outside the nearby mosque. Somebody spread a rumor that there is Shaista in it too. Women police surrounded everyone. Everyone’s identity was checked but Shaista was not found there.

Husband and brother-in-law were killed but Shaista did not come out
At 10 pm on 16th April, 3 shooters posing as journalists opened fire on Ateeq-Ashraf at Colvin Hospital in Prayagraj. 17 rounds of bullets were fired. 17 policemen engaged in security ran away after saving their lives. When the firing stopped, Ateeq-Ashraf were lying lifeless on the ground. This murder became the biggest breaking news of the country at that time. The challenge before the police was to save the city from violence. Security personnel were called from nearby districts.

The first news that came on the morning of April 17 was that Shaista Parveen would surrender before the police today after killing her husband. The police kept waiting but Shaista did not come. This was the third time when the matter of surrender proved to be a rumour.

This is the scene creation of Atiq-Ashraf's murder.  Just like that both were murdered.

This is the scene creation of Atiq-Ashraf’s murder. Just like that both were murdered.

When the police reached near, the announcement was made from the mosque.
Special police teams were formed to nab Shaista. Senior officers of STF are also engaged in raids. The news of Shaista’s presence was received in Prayagraj only on 27th April. Police reached that place. Only then the announcement was made from the mosque there. In the announcement, women were asked to come out of the house. It is said that taking advantage of this crowd, Shaista fled from there.

Likely to come on the fortieth On May 26, forty days of Atiq’s death were completed. In Islam, the fortieth day after death is considered very important. It is believed that on this day the soul of a dead person comes to meet his family. That’s why Fatiha of Chehallum is read on this day and food is fed to the poor. This day is the last day to pray for the peace of the soul of the deceased.

This ritual is performed by a family member only, so it was expected that Shaista would come forward to complete this last ritual related to Atiq. But Shaista did not come this time also. Not only he but no one else came. Atiq’s ancestral house where hundreds of people thronged every day, parallel governments used to run, there was complete silence.

This is Atiq's office, now it is in ruins.

This is Atiq’s office, now it is in ruins.

These were a total of four occasions when there was talk of Shaista surrendering, but later all proved to be rumours.

We reached out to STF Chief Amitabh Yash to know the update on the matter. We asked what is the latest update in Shaista’s case? Amitabh says, “The new update is that there is no new update yet. Teams are on. Shaista and Guddu are searching for Muslim.”

  • Now the question is why Shaista did not come forward even after the death of her son, husband and brother-in-law. There are three things behind this. Let’s know…

First point: Shaista does not trust the police
Whoever was caught in the Umesh Pal murder case, the police did an encounter. In such a situation, Shaista is not able to trust the police. Then after the death of Atiq-Ashraf, she is the eldest member of the family. It is the responsibility of taking care of four sons. That’s why she doesn’t want to take any risk.

Second point: Shaista with a shooter, he is not allowing to surrender
The three shooters involved in the Umesh Pal murder case are still absconding. It includes Guddu Muslim, Armaan and Shabir. May be he is with one of these shooters who are not letting Shaista surrender. Because he is afraid that after Shaista is caught, he too will be caught.

Third point: Fear of killing yourself if you surrender
The administration has confiscated property worth Rs 11 thousand 684 crore of Atiq Ahmed’s family. ED’s eye is still on the properties. Atiq had relations with many builders and big businessmen. Shaista is also aware of the transactions with them. In such a situation, she is afraid that if she surrenders, she too can be killed like Ateeq-Ashraf. That’s why she doesn’t want to take any risk.

At present, the police has declared a reward of 50 thousand on Shaista Parveen. Several police teams are raiding in search. According to police sources, he is in Prayagraj or nearby districts. Finally know Shaista through this graphic…