DNA Exclusive: Analysis of Hindu man’s brutal murder in Rajasthan

In a horrific incident, two Muslim extremists beheaded a Hindu man in Rajasthan’s Udaipur today. His fault – writing a post on social media in support of suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s remarks on Prophet Muhammad. The man, Kanhaiya Lal, was a poor shopkeeper in Udaipur, who used to run a tailoring shop. The two extremists entered the shop as customers and killed the man when he was taking their measurements. Not only this, the two Muslim men even made a video of the incident and posted the same on social media.

In today’s DNA, Zee News’ Rohit Ranjan makes an analysis of the Udaipur incident and the rising extremism in the country.

There were a few takeaways that should be noted – 1. The two Muslim men entered disguising themselves as customers. They were placing an order, and as seen in the video, Kanhaiya Lal was taking their measurement. However, it was clear from their attire that they were Muslims. Still, Kanhaiya Lal didn’t deny taking their order on the basis of their religion. This proves that Kanhaiya Lal was indeed not an extremist.

A few days ago, when violent protests were taking place against Nupur Sharma’s comments, some extremist groups had given a very provocative slogan – “Gustakh-e-Rasool ki ek hi saza, sir tan se juda” (Only one punishment – beheading); and today, the same happened.

Government action

The state of Rajasthan is currently ruled by a Congress government. There were huge protests against the incident in Udaipur today. People also expressed their anger against the government. A curfew has been imposed across the state and internet services have also been suspended to avoid any untoward incidents.

However, what’s surprising is Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s statement where he is blaming PM Narendra Modi for the incident. In a nutshell, politics has also started over the incident.

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