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In the national convention of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, the pain of Maulana Mahmud Madani was palpable at that time. When he said in his speech on the current condition of the country that strangers were made in his own country. He clearly said that our ancestors have made great sacrifices to liberate the country. We will not allow communal forces to play with the pride of the country.

Former Rajya Sabha MP Maulana Mahmood Madani said that Muslims should avoid extremism and rapid reaction. Fire cannot be extinguished by fire. Hence hatred cannot be the answer to communalism and hatred. It should be answered with love and goodwill.

Maulana Mahmud Madani also indirectly took on those who apologized to the British. He said that there are others who make sacrifices to save and beautify the house and there are others who write apologies. The difference between the two is clear and the world can see the difference how the fascists who wrote the apology are immersed in the arrogance of the power and are taking the country on the path of destruction.

He said that Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind is a symbol of the steadfastness of the Muslims of India, as well as Jamiat is not limited to Muslims only, but it is an organization of the country. He said that eradicating communal hatred is the responsibility of the government and the media more than the Muslims. Earlier, the Jamiat officials presented proposals on the issues of the country and society, which were also approved. Through these proposals, every effort was made to give a roadmap to solve the problems of the country.

Maulana Mahmood Madani gets emotional on stage

Maulana Mahmood Madani, who reached the stage to start the speech in the convention, became emotional. He remembered the former president of the organization late Maulana Qari Mohammad Usman Mansoorpuri with moist eyes. Maulana Madani said that this is the first time that this program has to be done without Qari Mohammad Usman Mansoorpuri. Always he used to hoist the flag of Jamiat and he used to preside over the program. His departure from the world has caused a great loss to the Islamic world as well as to the Jamiat. Because Qari Usman has always guided him right.

Those who talk of unity are troubling a section: Madani

In the two-day session of the National Management Committee of Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, prominent Ulama from all over the country expressed concern over the current situation in the country. Jamiat national president Maulana Mahmood Madani said that those who talk about unity and integrity are troubling the particular class. While attacking the government in gestures, he reminded it of the duties and insisted on defeating hatred not with hatred but with love and affection.