Company accused of indulging in immoral work: The company making ‘Dolo’ distributed gifts worth Rs 1 thousand crore to doctors

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  • Company Accused Indulging Immoral Work Made ‘Dolo’ Distributed Gifts Worth Rs 1 Thousand Crore Doctors.

New Delhi8 minutes ago

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The company, which produces fever and pain medicine Dolo-650, sold Dolo tablets worth Rs 405 crore in a month. Compared to the year-2020, the company’s sales increased by more than Rs 205 crore in one month. The company has been accused by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) of spending one thousand crores on behalf of the company on promotion and propaganda of the brand and gifting of doctors to medical professionals.

The CBDT is now scrutinizing the paper and digital documents received from the company to find out where the financial irregularities have taken place. Apart from this, after examining the documents found in the raid, it is also trying to know that the amount spent by the company on the promotion of the drug was given to whom and in what form.

1 thousand rupees spent wrongly
The CBDT can inform the National Medical Commission after examining the documents. Based on the evidence found during the raids, the CBDT says that the company wrongly spent one thousand crore rupees from its accounts on the promotion of its brand while spending less on research and development on behalf of the company, which was wrong.

Not only this, during the raid, CBDD got unaccounted Rs.20 crore from the company, while gold and diamond worth Rs.

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