5 Wallpaper Apps On Android That Will Freshen Up Your Home Screen – News18

Changing your Android wallpaper can freshen up your device.

There are plenty of free wallpaper apps on Android that you can download. Below is a curated a selection of five that are worth your time.

When you think of Android phones, the first thing that may come to your mind is customizability. And that’s thanks to the plethora of possibilities, including being able to choose custom widgets, launchers, and even fonts. However, the absolute basic thing you can do to freshen up your phone is by changing its wallpaper.

Thankfully, you have a myriad of options when it comes to wallpaper apps on Android. Yes, some of them may display ads and not have the best user interface, but they do offer some beautiful-looking wallpapers.

Here’s a collection of five wallpaper apps that you can go through to find your next wallpaper:

Resplash Wallpapers

If you have previously visited Unsplash, you would know that it features some beautiful imagery, and some of them make for perfect wallpapers. But what if you could download the best-curated wallpapers from there? Resplash does this exactly and offers wallpapers segregated into various collections like Textures, Lighting, Abstract, Water, and more.

Pix Wallpapers

This app provides wallpapers inspired by the Google Pixel wallpapers that have come out over the years. It offers a simple yet functional user interface and has a solid collection of wallpapers.

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Backdrops has become an all-time classic now and continues to offer some of the best wallpapers for free. You can download wallpapers from the Community section, but you can only apply wallpapers directly if you are choosing one from the Explore tab, as it contains original wallpapers that are exclusive to the app. However, you can bypass this limitation if you buy the Pro version of the app.

Google Wallpapers

Yes, Google does have an official wallpaper app, and it does have some of the best wallpapers you can get for free. You can choose from collections like textures, landscapes, Google Arts and Culture. Plus, as an added bonus, there are no pesky ads to trouble you either.


If you have been a fan of wallpapers offered with the earlier OnePlus devices, you can certainly check out Hampus Ollson’s work, who happens to be the creator behind them. The app also offers some of his other work, which is mostly abstract wallpapers. There are paid wallpapers, but the free collection is pleasing as well.