‘PM Modi Freaking Out, Using Foul Language’: CM Kejriwal Slams Rhetoric Against Pawar, Uddhav

In a fervent address during a roadshow in Delhi’s Badarpur and Tughlakabad areas, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched a scathing attack on the BJP, rallying voters to counter the party’s “jail threats” with their ballots. Urging support for AAP candidate Sahiram Pehalwan for the South Delhi Lok Sabha seat, CM Kejriwal accused the BJP of resorting to intimidation tactics. He exclaimed, “Their 24-hour work is either to put this person in jail or that person in jail.”

Citing instances within his party, Kejriwal highlighted, “Manish Sisodia was put in jail, Satyendra Jain was put in jail, and I was put in jail. Now they are saying that Atishi and Saurabh will also be put in jail. What is this, if you can’t win in Delhi, will you put everyone behind bars?” The Chief Minister denounced this approach as “negative politics” and stressed his own commitment to governance based on tangible achievements.

“When I come among you, I ask for votes in the name of building schools and hospitals…I ask for votes in the name of providing 24-hour free electricity and free pilgrimage trips…I practice politics of work, I don’t put people in jail,” he affirmed.

Critiquing Prime Minister Modi’s recent rhetoric, he remarked, “Prime Minister Modi nowadays is using foul language…He’s insulting 84-year-old Sharad Pawar saying he is (bhatakti aatma) and he called Uddhav Thackeray ‘nakli santaan (fake son)’ of his father. Is this language worthy of a Prime Minister? They haven’t done any work in 10 years that they can tell us about, they have only ruined people’s lives in these 10 years.”

Kejriwal reiterated his appeal for votes based on his track record of development.  “…I ask for votes based on my work. After being in power for ten years all you (PM Modi) are saying is ‘bhatakti aatma’, ‘nakli santaan’ and ‘mangal sutra’. What is all this? He is freaking out. On June 4 INDIA alliance government will be formed…” he said.

Delhi To Become Full-Fledged State If I.N.D.I.A. Bloc Forms Govt: CM Kejriwal

CM Kejriwal, emphasising his party’s vision, stated, “For getting good schools built for your children, for opening neighborhood clinics for you, for getting free electricity and water for you, and for getting free treatment, Modi ji sent me to jail.”

Confident about the electoral outcome, he asserted, “They (BJP) know that on June 4 their government will not form. They also know that they will get votes less than 200.” He pledged that once the I.N.D.I.A. bloc forms the government, Delhi will be granted the status of a state.

“INDIA bloc is going to form the government on June 4 and AAP will be a part of it. The first thing we will do is to make Delhi a full-fledged state. We have improved educational institutions and health facilities, now we will improve the law-and-order situation,” he affirmed.