4 jobs together for sex change surgery: clothes pullers give respect today, doctor said to grandmother – ‘now she is not your granddaughter’

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  • Those Who Pull Clothes Today Give Respect, The Doctor Said To The Grandmother ‘now She Is Not Your Granddaughter’

New DelhiOne hour agoAuthor: Sunakshi Gupta

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What is the real value of a person’s identity in his life. Its true value can only be told by the person who struggles from birth till life to get it.

This ‘Pride MonthTelling you the story of those transgenders who were sent by nature by putting them in a different body, but they are ready to pay every amount to get their true identity. In fact, sex change surgery, which is done in many processes, is still an expensive medical procedure in India. It is not an easy thing for a common family person to bear the cost of surgery of 8 to 10 lakhs. Even before such an operation is done on him, the family members pull their hands, they are thrown out of the house. Loan is not available from bank. Even after this, these people do everything possible to get the surgery done. Somebody gets one injection of hormones by borrowing money from friends, while some lives with self-respect by saving money by doing 2-2 jobs. Read the story of such people in their own words…

Four jobs at one time, add surgery money in 2 years
Mahi Gupta, a transwoman working as a ticket collector at Noida Metro Rail Corporation’s (NMRC) ‘Pride Metro Station’, had a sex change operation done 10 years ago in Mumbai. Today she is a successful model and beauty pageant winner.

Mahi Gupta, 28, a resident of a village in Bihar’s Katihar district, says that even though she was born as a boy, she has always considered herself a girl. She got to know at a very young age what she wanted from life. The family members did not like to live as their girl. Mahi left the house as soon as she was 12th.

To complete graduation, he started teaching tuitions to children. In 2012, she reached Mumbai for a sex change operation to give herself a complete girl look. Mahi tells that after going to Mumbai, she came to know that being a transwoman is not a crime, but to become what she wants, she needs a lot of money, which she did not have. At that time, this surgery was a dream for him which would probably never turn into reality. But the doctors gave courage to Mahi, gradually depositing money and advising her to undergo surgery one by one.

Mahi was so obsessed with her head that by keeping herself busy for 24 hours, she just started accumulating more and more money. Worked from counselor to trainer in NGO. She used to go door-to-door to teach tuitions to the children and on holidays, she would train the nearby women to make teddy bears. Started tiffin system for more money.

In this way, doing every possible thing in Mumbai, Mahi collected so much money in 1.5 years that she could get her first surgery done. From hormones, to breast and genital surgery, about 9-10 lakh rupees had been spent in Mahi’s two years. She says that many doctors used to run discount offers on Diwali or on special occasions, she used to get her surgery done at the same time. To save every single rupee, she would walk for hours. In this way, without borrowing money from anyone, he got the surgery done on his own and got his identity.

Won beauty pageant award by modeling, got respect
Mahi remained in Mumbai till the year 2019. After undergoing surgery, she started modeling. Participated in Miss Bihar beauty pageant in 2017 and won in Transgender category. Participated in Transqueen India Competition in Mumbai in 2018 and was Top 10 Contestant. Became a model of color positive in 2019 and participated in the female category. Mahi says that on 12 November 2020, she was awarded a special award by the Noida Metro Rail Corporation for her work.

People in the village tried to take off their clothes, today they give respect
After being born as a boy, when Mahi reached her village as a girl for the first time, the people of the village along with the family were surprised. His house was surrounded by thousands of villagers. People were even trying to take off his clothes. The family members also flatly refused to support. The condition had worsened so much that he had to seek the help of the police to save his life. Even after this, Mahi did not lose courage and made her mark. Today, as soon as he writes the name of Mahi Gupta on Google, his achievements come to the fore. Seeing the success of Mahi, today the people of his village tell the family members that why don’t they call Mahi home and keep them together.

It was not that easy for Aarav, who worked in LGBTQ's Humsafar Trust NGO on a salary of Rs 12,000, to get a sex change operation done.

It was not that easy for Aarav, who worked in LGBTQ’s Humsafar Trust NGO on a salary of Rs 12,000, to get a sex change operation done.

Driven a cab, borrowed money from friends, remained unemployed for two years, then underwent surgery
Aarav Singh, who grew up in Saket, Delhi, says – After changing gender, he lost his job. Sitting unemployed at home for two years, there was pressure on the head to pay off the debts of friends. The family members used to taunt a lot about gender, but they never gave up, but fought for their identity.

Aarav knew from childhood that he was born a boy in a girl’s body. In the year 2014, he completed his 12th studies and left his parents’ house and started living with his grandmother. Learned driving and spent two years driving a cab in Delhi to make ends meet. For the first time in 2016, counseling for gender change was started. Got Genital Identified Dysphoria. After this, the cycle of hormonal injections continued for two years, sometimes due to lack of money, some injections were missed. The cost of one thousand rupees was fixed for getting hormone injection twice every month, on top of that the doctor’s fee was different.

In the year 2017, Aarav started a job of 10 thousand rupees in a startup NGO in Delhi itself. About 1.5 lakh rupees were to be spent in the operation. As soon as he came to know about this, Aarav started saving half the salary of every month directly in the name of operation.

Traveling in the bus, walking for many kilometers even to save 20-25 rupees. By collecting one such pie, he deposited some money for the cost of the operation. The rest took 1 lakh rupees on loan from a friend. In December 2017, Aarav underwent breast removal surgery in Delhi and became a transman. The operation was completed and Aarav got his identity. But the trouble did not end here. The company closed and the job was lost.

Even though Aarav had become a transman in real life, according to the documents, he was still a girl.

Even though Aarav had become a transman in real life, according to the documents, he was still a girl.

Didn’t do graduation so couldn’t get job. Been looking for work for two years. In 2020, he got a job in an NGO just 15 days before the lockdown was imposed in the country. In the last two years, Aarav also paid a friend’s loan and got married and settled his house. Now he is pursuing his graduation from IGNOU.

The doctor said to the grandmother – ‘now she is not your granddaughter’
Aarav tells that he does not have a father. The family consists of mother and younger siblings. There is a grandmother, but she lives in a separate house. Aarav says that he had told in his house only 15 days before the sex change surgery that he was going to become a boy. Even at that time, his family members did not pay any attention, as if Aarav’s existence and non-existence were the same for him. That’s why he preferred to live with his grandmother.

Aarav says that he often used to keep injections of hormones in his pant pocket. Her grandmother used to see the changes happening in her granddaughter’s body but could not understand anything. One such day he took injections from Aarav’s pants and showed it to the family doctor and asked what is this? The doctor explained only one thing to the grandmother – ‘Now he is not your granddaughter’s grandson.’

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