‘Would Move to Bihar And…’: Singer Mary Millben Slams Nitish Kumar, Praises PM Modi & SRK’s ‘Jawan’ – News18

As Nitish Kumar continues to face flak over his controversial population control remark, African-American singer Mary Millben — who came under spotlight in India after she touched PM Modi’s feet at an event — has taken an expectation to his comments. She said that had she been a citizen of India, she would have “moved to Bihar to contest against Kumar as the chief minister”. Millben also called on a “courageous” woman to “step up” and declare her candidature for the eastern state’s top post.

The singer asked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to “empower a woman to lead in Bihar”. “After #NitishKumar Ji’s comments, I believe a courageous woman needs to step up and declare her candidacy to run for Chief Minister of Bihar. If I were a citizen of #India, I would move to Bihar and run for Chief Minister,” Millben posted on ‘X’.

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In this context, the African-American singer also highlighted Shah Rukh Khan’s recently released hit ‘Jawan’, where he appeals people to vote mindfully to make a difference.

“The BJP should empower a woman to lead in Bihar. This would be the true sentiment of women’s empowerment and development in response. Or #Bihar, do as #SRK admonished in #Jawan, ‘vote’ and bring change,” she wrote.

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She further spoke about the 2024 election season that has commenced across the world, “in America, and certainly in India”.

“Election seasons present an opportunity for change, to put an end to outdated policies and non-progressive people and replace them with voices and values that inspire and truly align with all citizen’s convictions, and what is best for the collective future of a nation,” Millben said.

She further said, “Many people ask why I support Prime Minister Modi, and follow India affairs so closely. The answer is simple. I love India… And I believe Prime Minister Modi is the best leader for India, and the progress of Indian citizens. He’s the best leader for the US-India relationship and for the global economic stability of the world… The PM stands for women.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday tore into Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, saying he did not even feel ashamed for using “derogatory” language against women, even as the JD(U) leader apologised for the comments that sparked a huge row.

Modi also slammed the opposition bloc INDIA and wondered why no leader of its constituents have uttered a word yet despite the big disrespect shown to women by a key leader of the grouping.

Addressing a rally in Guna in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh, Modi said he will do whatever he can to ensure the respect of women, and also brought up Nitish Kumar’s remarks without taking his name. Yesterday, one of the INDI alliance’s big leaders who is holding the bloc’s flag high and playing different games to unseat the present government (at the Centre) used a language, which no one can even think of in a state assembly in the presence of mothers and sisters… he didn’t even feel ashamed of it, said Modi.

Nitish Kumar, while emphasising the importance of education among women to control the population, on Tuesday put forward a vivid description of how an educated woman can restrain her husband during sexual intercourse.

Those having such a vision, how can they keep your honour and respect? How low will they stoop? What an unfortunate situation for the country. I will do whatever I can to ensure your honour and respect, Modi said.

He (Nitish Kumar) does not have shame. Not only this, no leader of INDI alliance uttered a word despite such big disrespect for women, he said and asked, Those who have such a view against mothers and sisters, can they do any good? Mothers and sisters, for your respect I will do whatever I can, the prime minister asserted.