With Hi Nanna, Nani Achieves This Rare Feat At The US Box-office Feat – News18

The three-day weekend benefitted the film in the Telugu states.

Predictions suggest that reaching the two million mark is highly probable as the film continues its successful run.

Nani’s popularity in overseas markets has been reaffirmed with his recent film Hi Nanna swiftly crossing the one million mark within its first week, a milestone unmatched by other tier 2 heroes. Nani stands out as the only actor in this category to achieve such success multiple times. Predictions suggest the film will soon cross the two million mark. Nani has now secured the second position in overseas popularity, following superstar Mahesh Babu, who boasts 11 million-dollar movies in his portfolio.

Nani’s impressive US track record showcases consistent success:

1. Eega: $1.07 million

2. BBM: $1.43 million

3. Nenu Local: $1.08 million

4. Ninnu kori: $1.19 million

5. MCA: $1.07 million

6. Jersey: $1.52 million

7. Ante Sundaraniki: $1.13 million

8. Dasara: $2.05 million

9. Hi Nanna: $1 million and counting

Nani’s proactive engagement was evident as he visited the USA on the release day of Hi Nanna, connecting with audiences, and boosting enthusiasm by touring theatres. The overseas success momentum is expected to continue for Hi Nanna until the release of Salaar.

Hi Nanna has garnered a positive reception not only overseas but also across India. The three-day weekend, especially beneficial for the Telugu states, adds to the film’s success. However, the limited number of theatres has led to a shortage of shows for Hi Nanna, prompting producers to focus on increasing Sunday screenings. In cities like Hyderabad, advanced bookings have nearly sold out, setting high expectations. The film’s overall performance will hinge on the extent of the drop observed from today onwards.

Nani recently enjoyed a special screening of his movie with his family. Anjana, his wife, shared a heartwarming photo capturing the joyous moment. The picture shows their son Arjun embracing his father while watching the movie, and both share a precious smile.

“This is what #HiNanna felt like. A cosy hug for the soul. A movie that brought back for a couple of hours @NameisNani you are a legit onscreen DAD LEGEND!“, Nani wife Anjana posted story on Instagram.