Will give land in Pahrawar, but not now: Rohtak MP Arvind Sharma said – the matter of violence of malice-oath; Expert in eating government evidence

Rohtak2 hours ago

Dr. Arvind Sharma, BJP MP from Rohtak, Haryana, said in the ongoing dispute regarding the land of Pahrawar village that work has been done in the spirit of malice. Two hours of work was dragged on for so long, this should be investigated. He said that the present government is the most expert government till date in erasing the evidence and in eating the evidence.

They can swear by saying that this work has been done to tease the brahmins so that their stamina can be seen. While becoming the Chief Minister, Oath (oath) was taken to work without any malice and affection, but they challenge and say that this is a public violation of Oath.

Delay means somewhere in the brain

Talking to reporters in Rohtak, Dr. Arvind Sharma said that the 15-acre 3 kanal land which is Pahrawar and how it was twisted, which dragged the work of 2 hours for so long, it should be investigated. The Chief Minister has not refused to give the land, then why so much delay. This means that there is a mess going on somewhere in the mind. It was a matter in my mind that on May 22, 36 fraternities should gather and make noise, quarrel and curse the government.

Ye Oath’s serious violence

MP Sharma said that when Honorable Chief Minister becomes Chief Minister, he takes Oath. The Chief Minister took the Oath. In this one comes that I will do justice to all types of people according to the constitution and law, without attachment or malice. I challenge and say that this is a public violation of the Oath, a serious violation. An officer told him that the Chief Minister said that the land has to be given, but not yet. This is an absolutely disgusting act. After checking this, action should also be taken in this. When there is Violation, then there is Violation of Oath, what action can happen in it, you can also understand what action can be done in it.

241 children acted with malice

The MP said that I had told that the matter of EBPG, in which Brahmins, Banias, Punjabis, Rajputs, have also been worked out with a sense of malice. This has not been stopped by the court, it has been stopped by the government. Work is being done with a sense of malice against 241 children. They want to say that with the Dalits, with the backward and with the fraternity, with the Punjabi fraternity, work is being done in a spirit of malice.

CM should also show big heart like prime minister

Arvind Sharma said that when the heart of the Prime Minister is so big, the heart of his Chief Ministers should also be so big. Everyone has seen how much heart the Prime Minister showed in the farmers’ movement. Our government and this Chief Minister also have to show big heart in this work of ours. Who will decide this, it is a matter of someone’s bus, then it is a matter of the honorable Prime Minister’s bus.

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