Wife stabbed to death in Tamil Nadu: Attacked in the middle of the road, people watched, no one came to save her

Chennai3 minutes ago

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In Tamil Nadu, a man publicly stabbed his wife to death in the middle of the road. The incident is of Vellore on Monday night. Its video has also gone viral.

It is seen in the video that the woman was walking on the road when suddenly her husband came and started stabbing her. The woman also tried to stop the husband but he did not stop and continued to attack. Many people were passing through the road at the time of the incident but no one saved the woman. After this the husband left from there and the woman fainted and fell on the roadside.

However, after the victim fell, another woman passing by tried to help her. People present nearby informed the police about the incident. Police reached the spot and arrested the accused husband. The injured woman was admitted to the government hospital in Ambur, where she died during treatment.

The accused stabbed his wife with a knife 8 times in a row.

The accused stabbed his wife with a knife 8 times in a row.

Woman was returning home from company then attacked
According to the police, the deceased has been identified as Punita. She used to work in a shoe company. She was returning home on Monday night, during which her husband Jaishankar attacked her.

After stabbing, the accused fled from there.

After stabbing, the accused fled from there.

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