‘We Opposed Colonialism In…’: PM Modi Says Kenya ‘Trustworthy’ Development Partner For India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that Kenya is a “trustworthy and committed” development partner of India, adding that he and Kenyan President William Samoei Ruto identified several new initiatives to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries. The PM said India and Kenya opposed colonialism in the last century and are the countries that have a shared “past and future”.

“Together, we (India-Kenya) opposed colonialism in last century. India and Kenya are countries that have a shared past and future. While laying the foundation for a progressing future, we decided to strengthen our cooperation in every sector and identified several new initiatives. There is a continuous increase in trade and investment between India and  Kenya. To realise the full potential of our economic cooperation, we will continue our search for new opportunities. For India, Kenya has been a trustworthy and committed development partner,” PM Modi said during a joint press statement with the President of Kenya.

PM Modi announced a line of credit of $250 million for the South African country to modernise the agriculture sector of Kenya. He said that the two nations share their experiences as they are an agrarian economy. “As per the needs of modern times, we are increasing our cooperation in technology in innovation. In the field of digital public infrastructure, we are ready to share India’s achievements with Kenya…Clean energy is the main priority of both countries,” he said.

The Prime Minister commended Kenya’s initiative of Africa Climate Summit. “…I am happy that Kenya has decided to join the Global Biofuel Alliance and International Solar Alliance. Kenya’s decision to join the International Big Cat Alliance, we will be able to make global efforts to save big cats,” the Prime Minister further said.

PM Modi said that the two countries will continue to explore new opportunities to realise the full potential of India-Kenya economic ties. “Closer cooperation between India and Kenya in Indo-Pacific will advance common efforts,” he further said.


‘Because Of PM Modi’s Engagement’

Addressing the press, Kenyan President William Samoei Ruto expressed gratitude to PM Narendra Modi saying that it was the latter’s engagement, the African Union is now a  member of the G20.

“We have had an extensive conversation and engagement on all the issues that are of mutual significance and importance between our two countries. I have congratulated PM Modi for successfully hosting G20 and for successfully championing the cause of African people. Today, because of PM Modi’s engagement, the African Union is now a member of the G20,” Ruto said.

He stated that the two countries had a long history of collaboration, and with his visit, they have consolidated that relationship and expanded the scope of engagement between their governments. “… We have discussed how the National Agricultural and Rural Bank of India will work with our agricultural finance corporation in the space of assisting farmers with credit so that we can deal with the challenges of food security. Especially growing food in the Republic of Kenya,” the President of Kenya said.

“I thank PM Modi for inviting me. We received an excellent reception. We have had an extensive conversation of mutual significance and importance…The first Indian to come to Kenya was 1911. Many Kenyans come to India for health services which will reduce the bureaucratic process for Indian health professionals….” Ruto added.