Vijay Sethupathi Says He Is ‘A Big Fan Of Katrina’, Reveals Enjoying ‘Villain Roles’

New Delhi: Vijay Sethupathi is all geared up for the release of his upcoming pan-India film ‘Merry Christmas’ starring Katrina Kaif opposite him. The actor was present at the film’s press interaction with media in Mumbai where he talked about his experience of working on the film, choosing negative characters and more.

‘Merry Christmas’ marks Vijay’s first collaboration with director Sriram Raghavan and Katrina Kaif. Talking about his experience, the actor said, “I don’t have a particular wishlist that I want to work with this director or that. I don’t discuss it with directors as I think they have to choose actors. I depend on filmmakers and stories, and producers.”

He further added, “I never expected I’ll work with this actor, and I’m very big fan of Katrina. I was very happy when I saw her on the first day and I couldn’t express (my happiness), if supposed there was another person inside me, who can come out and dance, I would, but it didn’t happen. She is a very thoughtful actor, she has so many questions, she thinks a lot, she is very dedicated, she comes up with an idea but she is ready to adapt (your idea too), and even if she can’t accept your thoughts she will listen to you, she will put in a lot of effort, sensitivity only to make a scene better. That’s why she is in the industry not because she is beautiful but also sensible, just on the basis of beauty you can’t survive for so long, there should be sense and understanding. I felt it when I was working with her. I read my co-actors, cameramen, I sense my sets, and understand my director’s vision, I try to crack their minds so that I can fit it otherwise I’ll be (in) separate (zone).”

Sharing his delight on working with Sriram Raghavan, Vijay said, “He is very sweet. I met him at Melbourne Film Festival, at first I thought this man is very serious but he is not at all serious. I like the way he is being himself. I spent about 25 to 30 days and when I spent time with a director I can understand him, and how he wants to conceive that film and everything, and that happened between him and me. I’m applying those tactics in my next films also, it is giving me freedom of thought and expression.”

Vijay Sethupathi, who was last seen essaying the role of the antagonist in Shah Rukh Khan starrer blockbuster drama ‘Jawan‘, also talked about choosing negative and complex characters. He said, “I enjoy villain roles, I enjoy it so much as in real life I can’t , (I can’t kill anybody in real life, I get a chance to do it (in films), and I can express that also wholeheartedly, like, ‘I’ll kill that person’. Imagining) you may have an ego so much but you can’t act or show it, and be like, ‘I’m very humble’. But onscreen you can express, you can play with emotions, its fun. Please don’t think bad about me. Expression are good on taste and I want to have all the taste.”

Vijay Sethupathi and Katrina Kaif starrer ‘Merry Christmas’, that also stars Sanjay Kapoor and Radhika Apte in key roles, releases in theatres on January 12.

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