Uttarakhand Govt Allocates Over Rs 89,000 Crore Budget For FY25

The Uttarakhand government on Tuesday proposed its budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 in the state assembly, earmarking over Rs 89,000 crore for various initiatives. The allocation prioritises the welfare of people experiencing poverty, disaster management, infrastructure enhancement, and bolstering air connectivity across all districts. State Finance Minister Premchand Agarwal presented the budget of Rs 89,230.07 crore in the assembly, highlighting its inclusive nature aimed at fostering a developed, well-administered, and resilient Uttarakhand.

“The spirit of the budget is inclusive, and it touches all sections. We are breaking the vicious circle of policy paralysis and working on a bigger scale and at a higher speed,” the State Finance Minister said in his budget speech.

Agarwal outlined the critical priorities of the budget, emphasising allocations aimed at improving infrastructure and safety measures in remote hill areas. This includes replacing unsafe bridges and river trolleys, as well as installing crash barriers along identified stretches to prevent accidents. Additionally, the budget aims to enhance air connectivity across all districts. 

Other priorities highlighted by Agarwal include providing essential furniture to government schools, gradually implementing solar energy systems in government buildings, and introducing e-office systems in all government offices. Furthermore, the budget will focus on digitising land and government records entirely, promoting bio-fencing in agriculture, horticulture, and forest sectors, and constructing Panchayat buildings, theme parks, parking lots, and science and innovation centres.

The budget is scheduled for approval by the state assembly on March 1, following deliberations over the next few days. With a total outlay of Rs 89,230.07 crore, the government has allocated Rs 55,815.77 crore for revenue expenditure and Rs 33,414.30 crore for capital expenditure. 

Notable allocations include Rs 1,404.30 crore for the Public Works Department (PWD) and Rs 917.47 crore for maintenance. Additionally, Rs 1,000 crore has been earmarked for the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY) and Rs 850 crore for various mega projects. Key infrastructure projects such as the Jamrani Dam, Song Dam, and Lakhwar project have been allocated Rs 710 crore, Rs 300 crore, and Rs 250 crore, respectively. 

The budget also allocates Rs 1,010.66 crore for the national health mission and Rs 339.50 crore for school education. Other significant allocations include Rs 144 crore for civil aviation, Rs 612 crore for urban development, Rs 357 crore for housing development, and Rs 60 crore for infrastructure in scheduled caste-dominated areas. 

The budget emphasises employment generation, infrastructure development, balanced rural and urban growth, tourism, cultural conservation, and advancements in science, technology, research, and innovation.

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