User Receives Fake iPhone 15 From Amazon; Company Responds

New Delhi: A user named, Gabbar Singh, took to Twitter to express his disappointment with an Amazon purchase gone wrong. The user has 1.5 million followers. Soon, Singh’s tweet quickly garnered attention.

Incident Details

Singh shared his dismay after receiving what appeared to be a fake iPhone 15 from Amazon. In his tweet, he pointed out that the seller was listed as Appario and expressed frustration over the lack of a cable in the box, deeming the entire package a disappointment. He also questioned if anyone else had faced a similar issue.

Response From Amazon

Amazon swiftly responded to Singh’s tweet, acknowledging the error and apologizing for the inconvenience caused. They directed Singh to fill in his details through a provided link, promising to address the issue within 6-12 hours.

Following Amazon’s instructions, Singh filled out the form and requested a refund for the counterfeit product. Amazon reassured him, thanking him for the confirmation and asking for patience as their Social Media team worked on a resolution.

Interactions With Amazon Representatives

In addition to engaging with Amazon’s official response, Singh also interacted with an individual claiming to work at Amazon and offering assistance. While the specifics of this exchange weren’t detailed.

As of now, Singh awaits further communication from Amazon regarding the resolution of the situation. Meanwhile, many users commented on the post and shared their views.

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