Up Your Fashion Quotient With These 3 Kinds Of Graphic Eyeliners

A good makeup look is complete with a swipe of eyeliner. Even if you are opting for minimum makeup, adding a little drama to your eyes will enhance the look and make your eye look bright.

While applying eyeliner might be tricky if you are a beginner, once you get a hang of it, you can adapt it to your daily ritual. After all, a good eyeliner application is perfect to spruce up your look and keep it on point.

The eyeliner game has evolved over time and from winged eyeliners, now we have double wings, layers, extended lines, floating eyeliner, the use of neon colours, and designs at the corner of the eyes, among others. The purpose of a graphic eyeliner is to be fun, and quirky. Add a dramatic feel to your overall look by mixing various shades. After the teen series, Euphoria, sporting a graphic eyeliner look has become quintessential to stay in the fashion game.

Here are 3 kinds of graphic eyeliner looks you can try out for your next glam look-

Layered Liner
This is considered to be an easy technique. All you need to do is create a winged eyeliner in black colour. Remember that the wing is an extension of your lower lash line, so make a straight and sharp line. Layer a second liner with a colour of your choice on top and extend it beyond the black. To create an edgy look you can opt for any bold colours to add a pop of colour to your eye or you can add neon colours as well.

Floating Crease
You can start by identifying the crease (which is the fold between your brow bone and socket). This eyeliner will go above your actual crease so that when your eyes are open, it can be seen. Opt for a highly pigmented liner and trace out an arc just above the crease following its shape. Clean up the excess eyeshadow (if you have applied it) on your lid with a flat brush and concealer. You can choose to go bare with your lower lash line and upper lash line as well.

Double Liner
Create a winged liner look first, then create the double line by beginning at the point of your liner and tracing a portion of your crease using dots. Then connect the dots and you have your dramatic double liner ready!

Helpful tips to remember –

  • Choose an eyeliner with high-quality ingredients and pigment.
  • Always curl your lashes before applying eyeliner.
  • If you are a beginner, always start applying eyeliner in a thin line, and then you can build on that.
  • Don’t leave space between the liner and the lash line.
  • Add a dash of white kohl to your waterline to make your eyes look bigger and more awake.

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