UP: BJP Leader Among 8 People Arrested for Kidnapping & Selling 7-Month-Old Baby

“With the help of CCTV footage and informants, we found that a man named Deep Kumar from Hathras took the child. He is part of a gang that includes two doctors who run a hospital in the neighboring Hathras district,” Mohammed Mushtaq, Superintendent of Police (Railways) said.

He further said that some other health workers were involved too.

“We interrogated the couple in whose home the child was found, and they told us they had only one daughter, and they wanted a son. That’s why they made the deal,” Mushtaq added.

While addressing reporters, the police also said that one of the doctors confessed that they run an organised racket where they kidnap young children and sell it to the people who want a baby.

The officials identified the accused as Prem Bihari and Dayavati, who run a private hospital in Hathras, Poonam and Vimlesh, the ANMs, and Deep Kumar, who stole the child, besides one Manjeet.