Unmarried student will be delivered in AIIMS: Wanted abortion of 29 weeks pregnancy, CJI took decision in chamber with judges

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New Delhi23 minutes ago

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The Supreme Court has given its verdict on the petition demanding abortion of a pregnant student for more than 29 weeks. According to news agency PTI, the CJI discussed the matter for 40 minutes with the judges in his chamber on Thursday. After this, it was decided to deliver the child under the care of the team of doctors of AIIMS.

The court said that after birth, the child will be given to a family who wants to adopt him. This process will be kept completely secret. Same, the student has also agreed to give birth to the child.

Now understand the whole matter in a sequential manner.
In fact, a 20-year-old engineering student had filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking permission to have an abortion. The girl told in the petition that she came to know about her pregnancy after 7 months. The petitioner is not married, hence her family is not ready to accept the child.

AIIMS advised not to have abortion
The Supreme Court had sought the advice of the doctors of AIIMS on this matter. The doctors told that the pregnancy has been more than 29 weeks, hence abortion is neither justified nor safe. However, the petitioner was talking about not keeping the child with her.

Judge became emotional during the hearing
Additional Solicitor General Aishwarya Bhati became emotional during the hearing of the case. He appealed to the court that he was ready to adopt the child, but should not consider killing him. Please tell that on the orders of the court, Aishwarya is in constant contact with the student.

Seeing the seriousness of the matter, the CJI called the judges and people associated with the case to his chamber at 11 am on Thursday. There was a discussion here for 40 minutes, in which all the three judges in the bench were in favor of not getting the abortion done. During this, SG Tushar Mehta also said that he also wants to adopt a child once and orphan children are everyone’s responsibility.

SG Tushar told that a family child is ready to adopt
He told the CJI that a couple had agreed to adopt the child of the petitioner. He has expressed his desire to adopt the child after hearing about the petition of the girl. This process will be kept completely secret. CJI Chandrachud also appeared sensitive on this issue. He himself has adopted two disabled girls. The CJI said that he had discussed the matter at home as well.

Student will give birth to a child in AIIMS
After this, the three-judge bench ruled for safe delivery of the child under the care of the team of doctors of AIIMS. After birth, the child should be handed over to the family (who wants to adopt the child) only after following the rules and complete paperwork. At the same time, the student has also agreed to give birth to the child. Presently the student’s exams are going on.

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