‘Unfair eviction’: Netizens STRONGLY come out in support of Abhishek Kumar post elimination

Image Source : X Abhishek Kumar is reportedly evicted from the BB House.

Bigg Boss 17, popular reality television show, is getting super-excited with each day. Recently, Abhishek Kumar was seen in loggerheads with Samarth Jurel and Isha Malviya. The incident went too far, which forced Abhishek slapping Samarth, leaving every housemate in shock. Later, Abhishek was seen apologising to Samarth, Isha and Bigg Boss. However, netizens were in complete support of Abhishek, as Samarth and Isha went too far to provoke Abhishek over his ‘mental health’. 

Now, as per a new report circulating online, it is being said that the captain of the BB House, Ankita Lokhande, was given power to decide Abhishek’s fate and the former took the decision to evict the latter. Reacting to these reports, netizens started to express their views on social media, a major section of whom are in support of Abhishek and calling out this eviction ‘unfair’. 

Netizens reaction

Soon after the post by a X user named The Khabri Tweets went viral, netizens started flooding the comment section. One user wrote, ”Ankita is very smart but heartless, hodd k top 2 main aane k liay Abhishek ko evict kya , feeling sad for Abhishek.” Another one wrote, ”That is absolutely Disgusting thing from makers.” A third user commented, ”I m not gonna watch this season after his eviction.”

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How it all started?

Earlier, a video of Samarth and Isha provoking Abhishek went viral on X. In the video, Samarth is seen saying ‘Ek baar jispe stamp lag gaya chomu, toh phir lag gya chomu.” He is also heard saying, ”baap ka gutter chaap londa,” while Abhishek is seen countering him by shouting loudly at him.

The clip also features Isha making fun of Abhishek for being ‘claustrophobic’. In one of the sections, Samarth puts a blanket on Abhishek and Isha is mocking him by saying ‘TV tod de.” In the end of the video, Samarth is seen touching the face of Abhishek with a tissue, following which the latter slaps the former in no time, leaving everyone in shock.

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