Ukraine Russia War Live: 1611 killed including 131 children in war, Ukraine will compensate for military losses from Russian assets

12:50 PM, 08-Apr-2022

Dead body of 15 year old girl found from Bucha’s mass grave

Ukraine’s prosecutor said the body of a 15-year-old girl was also found among the adult corpses from Butcha’s mass grave. He said that more bodies of children are expected to be found than adults.

12:41 PM, 08-Apr-2022

Ukraine will nationalize Russian assets

Ukraine has suffered a lot in the war with Russia. Now Ukraine plans to compensate its losses with Russian assets. According to the Prime Minister’s Office, all Russian assets in Ukraine are being nationalized to compensate for military losses.

12:37 PM, 08-Apr-2022

1611 civilians killed in Ukraine

So far 1611 civilians have been killed in Ukraine in Russian attacks. These figures have been released by the United Nations. According to statistics, 131 children are also involved in this. At the same time 2227 people are injured.

12:28 PM, 08-Apr-2022

Russia attacks Odessa again

Russia has again attacked Odessa, Ukraine. This time the attack has been done from the Black Sea side. According to the Odessa city council, the Russian missile attack damaged some infrastructure in the area.

11:26 AM, 08-Apr-2022

Identification of bodies of 163 people killed in Bura

The bodies of 163 people killed in the Buka massacre have been identified. The mayor of Buka said that so far 320 bodies have been found. Every day the dead bodies are increasing, out of which 163 people have been identified.

11:22 AM, 08-Apr-2022

EU to give 500 million euros to Ukraine

The European Union has offered Ukraine 500 million euros for weapons. The president of the European Union has also backed a proposal to release an additional 500 million euros to provide arms to Ukraine.

11:20 AM, 08-Apr-2022

Russia had threatened UN member countries

Russia has been expelled from the United Nations Human Rights Council. According to a CNN report, a letter was written on behalf of Russian diplomats to member countries before voting in the United Nations. It also threatened not to vote against Russia. Russia had said that by doing this you will move towards hostility.

10:36 AM, 08-Apr-2022

US lawmakers unanimous on bill banning oil and gas imports from Russia

The US Parliament was unanimous on the bill to completely ban the import of gas and oil from Russia. The bill was passed unanimously in the Upper House of the US Congress. Now only it has to be signed by President Joe Biden.

09:37 AM, 08-Apr-2022

Russian media released video of Bucha massacre

The video of the Bucha massacre has been released by the Russian media Meduza. It depicts the dead. This video is from 23 to 30 March, which was made by drone. In it bodies and Russian military equipment can be seen.

08:49 AM, 08-Apr-2022

Sumi freed from Russian army

The Sumy of Ukraine was completely freed from Russian occupation. The governor of Sumy Oblast said on Facebook that the region has been liberated from the Russian army and the Ukrainian army has re-occupied here. However, the sound of explosions is still coming at some places.

08:09 AM, 08-Apr-2022

Russia admits to military loss

For the first time in the midst of the war with Ukraine, Russia has admitted that it has suffered a lot of military losses. Russia has considered this war as the most disappointing. Talking to the media, a Kremlin spokesman said that, we have suffered a lot of soldiers. This is a great tragedy for us. In fact, Russia is suffering a lot in Ukraine. It is getting stiff resistance from the Ukrainian military, beyond expectation.

07:58 AM, 08-Apr-2022

three days curfew in irpin city

A three-day curfew has been imposed in the Ukrainian city of Irpin. According to the announcement of the Mayor of Irpin, there will be a curfew from 9 o’clock tonight to 11 o’clock in the morning. During this time no one will be allowed to enter the city.

07:38 AM, 08-Apr-2022

Ukraine Russia War Live: 1611 killed including 131 children in war, Ukraine will compensate for military losses from Russian assets

Today is the 44th day of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that the situation in the city of Borodyanka is very bad. Here the situation is worse. To counter the Russian army, they have demanded immediate weapons from NATO countries.