Tussle between Kejriwal and LG over University Campus inauguration: VK Saxena hands back Delhi CM; Slogans of Modi-Modi

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  • Arvind Kejriwal Vs VK Saxena; Delhi University Campus Inauguration Controversy

13 minutes ago

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There was a tussle between Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena during the inauguration of a university campus. Both wanted to inaugurate this campus alone, but after the competition between BJP and AAP to take credit for this campus, both reached for the inauguration.

VK Saxena and Kejriwal could not coordinate standing next to each other as soon as the turn came to inaugurate the inscription. Then VK Saxena signaled Kejriwal to retreat. After this both inaugurated. Not only this, when Kejriwal started giving speech at the function, the BJP workers present there started raising slogans of Modi-Modi.

Kejriwal stopped the speech and said, ‘I request you all with folded hands to listen to me for five minutes. If you allow me five minutes, then I can speak my words… If you do not like my words, then leave it. (Saying this he folded hands). However, the sloganeers did not agree.