This Made In India AI Tech Will Block People From Travelling Without Ticket, Prevent Road Accidents – News18

Last Updated: October 31, 2023, 07:00 IST

Can AI solve the problem of road accidents? This startup thinks so

AI tech looks to solve simple and important issues and this made in India AI feature can help avoid major events in the country.

Artificial intelligence is at the forefront of the tech industry and it didn’t start with ChatGPT in 2023. We have been hearing about AI looking to simplify things which could put millions of jobs at danger.

But there are many benefits of adopting AI and one such aspect has been showcased at the India Mobile Congress 2023 (IMC 2023), where we saw RailTel work on a next-gen AI solution that can not only prevent people without tickets from travelling in trains but also stop people from falling asleep on the wheels which can have disastrous consequences.

The AI tech has been integrated into a camera that uses features like facial recognition and face tracking to monitor if a person is sleeping or even using a mobile while driving. These features can prevent major accidents, be it while controlling a train or driving a bus. The brains behind this technology hope to see this made in India product adopted across major stations and would even aim to push it across state transport services for bus adoption.

But the AI magic in the camera is more than just about recognising people. It can even tell if a person has bought a train ticket and if it finds someone violating the laws, it could one day charge the penalty like a FASTag amount deducted at toll plazas in the country.

The technology is still in its pilot stage so it would hard to put a date as to when it will be publicly rolled out for various businesses to implement but it seems the only way to avoid major mishaps is rely on technology and make use of its intelligence, something that this made in India AI tech promises to offer in the coming years.