‘There may be secrets, should be investigated’, Dileep’s change in the blanket case

Dilip Ghosh, All India Vice President of BJP, has changed his mind. A few days ago, the leader of the opposition, who had raised questions about the blanket delivery, now turned 180 degrees saying that there might be a mystery. Today, he is going to New Delhi. There is a meeting with the MPs of the party. There is also an organizational meeting with JP Nodda. After the visit of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, this change is considered to be quite significant.

What did Dilip Ghosh say earlier? Three people were trampled to death during the blanket distribution event in Asansol. Then the BJP MP from Medinipur said, ‘Donation is an insult to humanity. There are many other ways to help the poor. I do not support this event. The opposition leader is also responsible. It is not right to rely only on the police. More preparation was needed.”However, opposition leader Subvendu Adhikari blamed the police.

What did Dilip Ghosh say now? This time a different tone was heard in Dilip Ghosh’s voice. Dilip Ghosh said this morning in the face of journalists’ questions after the morning tour of Newtown, ‘Blankets are given in so many places. nothing happens It happened here. So there may be mystery. Many are shouting. So it should be investigated

It should be noted that opposition leader Subhendu Adhikari was present at the blanket distribution ceremony in Asansol last Wednesday. There he gave blankets to some people. Then there is chaos when you get out of there. And because of that, three people died, including a child. Dilip’s comments started a row in the state-politics. About which Dilip Ghosh said, ‘You (media) increase or decrease this tarja as you need. We are the same party. Same ideal. Many people think that this change is actually the result of Amit Shah’s lesson.