Taiwan Simulates Chinese Attack From Military Drills News18

On Taiwan’s military on January 31 simulated a scenario where China suddenly turned one of its regular drills around the island into an actual attack, on the same day China staged another “combat readiness patrol” near Taiwan.Navy vessels, troops, tanks and armoured personnel carriers participated in exercises carried out in Kaohsiung and Taitung, with military officer Ko Ting-yi telling media that the army had improved training processes in the face of “increasingly frequent enemy threats”.Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory despite the objections of the government in Taipei, says China’s armed forces routinely operate in the skies and seas around the island in an effort to pressure Taiwan to accept Chinese sovereignty.Taiwan’s defence ministry says Chinese warplanes and warships often carry out “joint combat readiness patrols.” It reported another such patrol on Wednesday, involving 22 Chinese aircraft.