‘Surprising to Have so Many Taboos’: Ashwin Reacts Strongly to Rohit Withdrawing Shanaka’s Run-out Appeal

Last Updated: January 15, 2023, 10:10 AM IST

Shami running out Dasun Shanaka at the non-striker’s end

Speaking in his latest YouTube video, Ashwin expressed his opinion on the entire incident of the run-out attempt by Shami

‘Mankading’ or ‘running a batter out at the non-striker’s end’ has been one of the most debated modes of dismissal in the game of cricket. Though it is a fact that the MCC has called it legal, still it’s believed to be against the spirit of the game. Whenever there’s a discussion about it, Ravichandran Ashwin gets mentioned as he got Jos Buttler out in an IPL 2019 game through this method. The Indian off-spinner was heavily criticised for his actions but even now, he believes that the bowler holds the right to dismiss a batter in this manner.

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Recently, one such incident was on display during the first India vs Sri Lanka ODI in Guwahati. The hosts were on the verge of victory while opposition captain Dasun Shanaka was nearing his hundred. In the final of Lanka’s chase, pacer Mohammed Shami dislodged the wickets as Shanaka had left his crease before the ball was released by the bowler. However, Indian skipper Rohit Sharma intervened and withdrew the appeal before the umpire could announce his decision.

Speaking in his latest YouTube video, Ashwin expressed his opinion on the entire incident of the run-out attempt by Shami.

“See, even if one fielder appeals, it is the duty of the umpire to declare a player out if he is out. So, I find it very surprising to have so many taboos surrounding this mode of dismissal. But the entire dismissal is regarding what the bowler does, right? The right of making that dismissal or making that appeal or making that decision lies with the bowler, right,” Ashwin said.

“In so many games, a batter has nicked and walked without waiting for the umpire’s decision. At that time, the batting team captain won’t come and ask, ‘With whose permission did you walk like that? Did you forget the team’s cause? Go back and continue playing. These different treatments for bowlers and batters have been taking place for so many years now,” he added.

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Maintaining his stance, Ashwin stressed on the fact that it all depends upon the bowlers’ appeal what makes an umpire give his final decision.

“I am going to keep repeating only one thing. The game situation is immaterial. That is a legitimate form of dismissal. And in fact, if you ask for an LBW appeal, or a caught behind appeal, nobody will check with the captain on whether they are sure of the appeal. They will give him out if the bowler appeals and that is the end of it,” Ashwin further said.

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