Subvendu claims huge expenditure on Rastasree promotion, government documents reveal

Leader of Opposition Subvendu Adhikari once again raised questions about the purpose of the Rastashree project of the state government. He attacked the Trinamool government by publishing government guidelines for promoting the project on social media. Subhendubabu claims that this scheme has been announced for promotion before the panchayat elections. It has nothing to do with road repair.

On Sunday, Subhendubabu released the government guidelines for the Rastasree project promotion plan. It contains detailed information on how to promote the project through various mediums. There are detailed instructions on how to promote the project through hoarding from district to village panchayat. There is also a strategy of how to promote on social media.

Publishing these guidelines, Subhendubabu wrote, “There is no initiative in the health system to prevent adenovirus.”; Chief Minister is giving 3 percent DA or else his Mundu. But before the panchayat polls, the advertisement of Rastashri will cost crores of rupees. Because Panchayat is the livelihood of Trinamool.

In response to Shuvendu’s tweet, a Trinamool spokesperson said, ‘Votes keep coming. That’s why the development will not be stopped?’