Sony Brings PlayStation VR2 To India After Months Of Global Launch: Check Price, Specs Here – News18

Sony has finally brought the PS VR2 to be used alongside the PS5 console in India.

After months of waiting, Indian PS5 owners can now finally get their hands on the PlayStation VR2 system as it is finally available in the country.

Earlier this year, Sony launched the PlayStation VR2 in global markets, but its arrival in India was delayed until now, as the company has finally introduced it to the Indian market. The gaming giant quietly listed the product on its online shopping portal, ShopAtSc, and recently posted on X (formerly Twitter) to announce its availability in India.

There is no waiting period; you can simply visit Sony’s website and place your order.

PlayStation VR2 Price In India

Sony has decided to offer two editions of the PS VR2 in India: a standard unit and a bundle with Horizon Call of the Mountain. The standard unit is priced at Rs 57,999, while the bundle comes at Rs 61,999. This is expectedly higher than the US price of $549.99 and, of course, more expensive than the PS5 console itself.

PlayStation VR2 Specifications

The Sony PS VR2 features OLED display panels with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 for each eye and a maximum frame rate of 120Hz. Additionally, the VR system is equipped with IR cameras for eye tracking and four cameras for tracking the controllers and headset. The maximum field of view (FOV) has also been improved to 110 degrees, allowing for better immersion.

Reminiscent of the PS5 DualSense controller, the new PS VR2 Sense controller offers adaptive triggers and haptic feedback to enhance the overall immersive experience.

It is worth noting that since its release, several VR titles have been released, including Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village VR, and many others, and there is now a decent library of games available to play if one decides to purchase a PS VR2 system.