Sino-Pakistan eye: Russian air defense system being deployed in Punjab; Accurate in hitting targets up to 400 kms

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  • Eye On China And Pakistan, First S 400 Triumf Missile Systems Unit Deployed In Punjab And To Be Completed Next Month

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S-400 air defense system. file photo

The Indian Air Force is deploying Russian air defense systems at one of the K5 airbases in Punjab to thwart attacks from China and Pakistan. In which 4 types of missiles including S 400 supersonic and hypersonic are included. Which are perfect in hitting targets up to 400 km.

It is considered to be the world’s most advanced defense system. This air defense system is capable of hitting everything from rockets, missiles, cruise missiles, drones to aircraft. Weapons and drugs are being sent to Punjab through drones from Pakistan. According to sources, this system will be fully deployed by February. For this, Indian Air Force officers and jawans have also been trained in Russia.

World’s most advanced weapon, infallible in hitting targets up to 400 km

According to sources, the missile involved in this system deployed in the Punjab sector does air-to-air as well as surface-to-air strikes. Which is quite suitable for the situation in India. At the same time, this system can hit its target from 35 km to 400 km away. Through this system, even aircraft not caught by radar can be killed. The launcher of the S-400 can fire 2 missiles in 3 seconds. Their speed is 5 kilometers per second.

5 regiments will be procured, after Punjab the Eastern Front will be strong
According to sources, an agreement was signed between India and Russia for the purchase of S-400 missile systems in 2018-19. Under which 5 regiments will be purchased with an amount of 5 billion (about 35 thousand crores). The first regiment reached India in December 2020. Its parts have reached the country through air and sea routes. With the deployment of a regiment in Punjab, every movement along the China and Pakistan border in the Northern Sector will be monitored. At the same time, after Punjab, this defense system will strengthen the Eastern Front.

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