Sharing your Netflix passwords? Now you have to pay THIS much if you share it

New Delhi: Netflix recently launched an ad-supported membership option in a few areas in an effort to increase revenue and user numbers. The password-sharing business has also been discontinued by the streaming platform in various markets. Last year, Reed Hastings, the previous CEO of Netflix, announced that password sharing would be eliminated for everyone gradually.

Netflix password sharing will soon come to an end for all customers, according to an interview with Bloomberg conducted by the company’s new co-chief executive officers (CEO), Greg Peters and Ted Sarandos. This means that Netflix subscriptions for Indians who currently rely on relatives and other people may soon require payment. (Also Read: WHOPPING RETURN! Invest Rs 71 per day in LIC, get Rs 48.5 lakh on maturity; check return calculator, other details)

According to the report, Peters predicted that the majority of Netflix users who don’t pay a subscription fee but still use the service will soon have to start paying to view content. Peters indicated that even after implementing regulated password sharing, the streaming platform will not compromise the user experience. (Also Read: Apple Watch saves pregnant woman’s life — Know HOW)

He acknowledged that many customers would be dissatisfied if password sharing was restricted globally, but the CEOs emphasised growing the subscriber base by 15-20 million, with an emphasis on nations like India. Peters continued by saying that he would like to see all customers who do not now pay for Netflix eventually pay for the media they access.

For the benefit of those who are unaware, Netflix has been testing the elimination of password sharing in a number of Latin American nations, including Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, and others. To utilise their friend’s Netflix account, customers in these nations must pay $3 (about Rs 250).

The streaming service hasn’t said how much it will charge per user in India, but it’s conceivable that the price will be quite similar to the prices charged everywhere in the world. The choice will eventually expire for Indians as well. According to the most recent rumours, starting in March 2023, Netflix will implement the termination of password sharing in other territories, including India.