Shah Rukh Khan Hosted A Party After Acquiring Mannat, Served Biryani In Thermocol Plates | Throwback

Shsh Rukh Khan greeting his fans from Mannat has become a tradition of sorts.

As Shah Rukh Khan continues to make appearances outside Mannat to surprise his fans, here’s a little throwback on how he acquired the huge property.

As Pathaan geared up for its TV premiere, Shah Rukh Khan’s fans gathered outside Mannat to celebrate on Saturday. The highlight of the day was when the actor surprised everyone by making a surprise on his balcony. In a viral video, he can be seen striking his iconic pose, wearing faded blue jeans and a white T-shirt. He blew kisses to the excited crowd and even performed the hook step of Jhoome Jo Pathaan. As Mannat continues to be an iconic stop for his fans, here’s a little throwback on how he acquired the huge property.

In the March 2013 issue of Notch Magazine, designer-turned-producer Shabinaa Khan penned a heartfelt essay recalling her experiences with Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan. Titled “The SRK Story,” the article delved into SRK’s early days in Bollywood and his life with wifey dearest Gauri Khan after they relocated to Mumbai.

She revealed that After Gauri joined Shah Rukh in Mumbai, they lived in one of the bedrooms in Aziz Mirza’s house for a few weeks. Then they rented a one-bedroom apartment in Mount Mary. Gauri took care of all the housework herself because she didn’t want a maid in such a small space. Shah Rukh had brought his Maruti 800 car from Delhi, and Gauri would drive it around. “Shah Rukh got his dream bungalow Mannat during Gauri’s birthday – and Adi decided to show the first copy of his film (DDLJ). That was the day Shah Rukh hosted all of us on the dilapidated terrace of the house with no lights, just one bulb, biryani served on thermocol plates and disposable glasses. He was just too excited to show us his latest acquisition.”

Shah Rukh Khan had told Shabinaa of having a mere 2 crore rupees in savings when he purchased Mannat, a property valued at 30 crore rupees. However, through his determination and efforts, he managed to repay the entire loan within a span of just 4 years. Today, the megastar has houses in many countries across the world.