Salaar Actress Shruti Haasan Discusses Effects Of Violent Films

New Delhi: In light of the prevalence of violent films in cinemas, mental health advocate and actress Shruti Haasan has urged moviegoers to exercise caution while selecting their entertainment. Her recent film ‘Salaar’, starring Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran, has made it to cinemas. People lined up in the streets to see the film, and the reaction was nothing short of resounding. 

Shruti Haasan gave some thought to the effect that violent movies like ‘Salaar’ have on viewers. Shruti recently spoke with Indian Express about how the film’s trailer can help people determine whether the film’s topic is suitable for them and if they should see the full-length version.

She said, “I feel that cinema and music, there are different kinds of TV shows, different kinds of books, some depict violence, some don’t. Yes, I am a mental health advocate and the biggest thing I would advocate for is knowing what you are watching.” 

She added, “A teaser for a film is like a disclaimer of content. It’s to know whether you are ready to watch that content. That discretion has to lie with the viewer and that does fall under the ability to judge one’s own mental state of mind. Some people enjoy fast-paced action or thrillers, some people are triggered by emotional drama. So, it’s really up to the viewer’s discretion.” 

‘Salaar’ is now the year’s largest box office hit. The film reportedly made Rs 95 crore on its first day of release in India, across all languages, according to Sacnilk’s report.  After a successful opening weekend, the film is projected to top all of 2023’s openers, including Animal, Jawan, Pathaan, and Leo. 

Meanwhile, Shruti Haasan’s next film appearance will be in ‘Dacoit’, after Salaar. The film, which will be distributed in both Telugu and Hindi, will feature Adivi Sesh and is set to premiere in 2024.