Republic Day 2023: All you Need to Know about Beating the Retreat Ceremony at Vijay Chowk

Republic Day 2023 Beating the Retreat: As the Indian Constitution took effect on January 26, 1950, Republic Day is celebrated with great pomp. The Beating the Retreat ceremony, which takes place on January 29 every year, is another commemoration linked to the Republic Day celebration. The Republic Day celebrations come to a ceremonial conclusion with Beating the Retreat, which takes place at Vijay Chowk.

The Republic Day celebrations come to an end with the Beating Retreat ceremony. The Indian President, who serves as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, presides over the ceremony. At dusk, the flags are lowered as part of the ceremony. The Rashtrapati Bhavan, North Block, South Block, and Parliament House are all silhouetted with lights during Beating the Retreat.

Beating the Retreat 2023: History and significance

Beating the Retreat ceremony has been a rite of passage for generations, dating back to the time when soldiers retreated from battle after dusk. The drums were ordered to beat a retreat at night on June 18, 1690, according to the Royal Irish Virtual Military Gallery. Drums were very important at that time in telling the soldiers to lower their weapons and retreat for the day.

The Beating Retreat was viewed by the layperson as a demonstration of the retreat from the field of battle since the flags were lowered at the first blast of the buglers and trumpets.

The ceremony is believed to have touched Indian soil in the early 1950s when the late Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Phillip made their first trip to the country following India’s independence.

Beating the Retreat ceremony celebrations this year

The biggest drone display in the nation will take place in India this year during the Beating Retreat ceremony, according to the media. This year’s Beating the Retreat will feature a drone show that, according to reports, will feature 3,500 indigenous drones lighting up the night sky over Raisina Hill. Additionally, it is said that a 3D anamorphic projection will be set up on both the North Block and the South Block during the ceremony.